Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sunoo trends on Twitter as fans take to social media to express their dissatisfaction with ENHYPEN members constantly talking about his weight


Even before the group's debut, the members of ENHYPEN have been at the center of attention as they competed in the show 'I-LAND,' which gained popularity globally.

After their debut, ENHYPEN members have been in the spotlight more and more as their fandom is steadily growing in size, with more and more fans joining from across the world. All of the members' moves, actions, and words have been scrutinized by fans as they follow the group in every activity.

Recently, ENHYPEN and member Sunoo trended on Twitter with fans joining in on a fervent discussion and express how dissatisfied they are with the members constantly mentioning Sunoo's weight.

International fans have quickly filled the social media platform about their opinions on the matter. Many have pointed out that Sunoo seems to have lost confidence compared to when he first debuted. These fans believe this is due to the members constantly saying how Sunoo has gained weight and has consistently brought up the topic about the member's weight.

There has been a divide in the fandom as some fans tweeted the instances when the members have joked about Sunoo's cheeks or when they joked that he looks like Baymax. These fans have pointed out that Sunoo looks uncomfortable in the situations in which the members talk about his weight and deducted that Sunoo's lack of confidence was caused by these jokes.

However, there are many other fans who have argued that there are many times when the members praised Sunoo for his talent and have encouraged to share positive messages about the group.

What are your opinions on this matter?

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wonyo750 pts Thursday, June 17, 2021 2
Thursday, June 17, 2021

I love enhypen but I did notice that some of them poke fun at sunoo about his weight. I don’t think they mean it in a bad way at all but I’m sure the members already know that he is getting shit from netizens so it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit mindful. as someone who’s gotten those kinds of ‘joking’ comments from friends, I can say that it’s still hurtful. And he isn't chubby at all, I seriously do not see why people are saying that he is.


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Poppiex8770 pts Thursday, June 17, 2021 0
Thursday, June 17, 2021

that's really messed up, he's still super super skinny, what are they even talking about
i hope this reaches them and i hope they take notice and stop shaming him.
at the same time, if they don't do it on camera anymore they'll sure do it behind closed doors. some tweets is not going to change their ideas overnight sadly enough.
hope sunoo stays strong, he's beautiful just the way he is and however he is



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