Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, June 24, 2021

Netizens are speechless as the late Son Jung Min's father continues the lawsuit against his son's friend


The bereaved parents of the late Son Jung Min, the medical student who was found dead after being missing, have filed a legal complaint with the police claiming that Son Jung Min's friend is responsible for their son's death.

Just about a month ago, this case of the medical student, Son Jung Min, has come to a close. At the time, the police revealed that the cellphone belonging to the friend was submitted to the police by a cleaner who found it on the street.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency concluded on June 1, "The cellphone records show no signs of discord between Son Jung Min and the friend and the forensics did not contain any information on the cause of Son Jung Min's death."

The police investigated the area with 35 individuals from 7 violent crime teams to find out how Son Jung Min died. The case is currently being ruled as an accidental death, as the police found that Son Jung Min drowned in the Han River, speculating that he had walked in himself to sober up.

No evidence leading to criminal charges has been found. The police will hold a deliberation committee on the death of Son Jung Min with the Seocho Police chief and decide whether to close the case. 

However, according to the police on June 24, Son Jung Min's bereaved family filed a complaint with Seocho Police Station in Seoul the previous day against the friend on charges of assault and abandonment.

Many netizens have become speechless as Son Jung Min's father continues to file lawsuits against his son's friend despite the evidence pointing to a high possibility of accidental death. Netizens commented, "The father used the public opinion to make a commotion. I understand his son died but there is no evidence against his friend," "This is what he wanted to do all along," "I just hope that his son rests in peace," and "I feel bad for the friend."

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Nicole_Cervantes4,613 pts Thursday, June 24, 2021 1
Thursday, June 24, 2021
I'm sorry, but it still seems suspicious to me that the friend was with him right up to the time of his death, called him mom at 3:30 am (around the time SJM was last seen), and threw his shoes away that same day. I can understand why his father, who just wants some kind of absolution or justice for his son, is still suspicious of the friend. I'm not saying that the friend is guilty, I'm just saying something doesn't feel right.


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aspirewifi435 pts Thursday, June 24, 2021 0
Thursday, June 24, 2021

The father's action is somehow understandable since he is his only son. And how friend "A" and his parents reacted on the situation is somehow suspicious in the first place. I think, in my pov, the father is basing this on the reaction of them. He "still" thinks that friend "A" is the one who is responsible for his son's death.



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