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Park Jimin trends worldwide in less than 5 minutes and peaks highest at No. 1 on Japan’s Twipple following the release of his “Butter” concept photo


The long wait for the “Rainbow Hair Jimin” solo concept photo is finally over. And Park Jimin is definitely worth the wait.

On May 14, BTS released the final set of individual members’ teaser photos on their official social media accounts withJimin, V and J-hope.

In less than five minutes, “Trending Emperor” Park Jimin has been seen trending on Twitter worldwide. In about 38 minutes, Jimin has peaked at No. 2 on real-time Twitter trends worldwide, the highest among the members after the release of the recent individual “Butter” teaser photos.

Jimin trended in not less than 35 countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, Italy, Spain etc. and the only member who trended in the USA and UK and more than 13 keywords such as Park Jimin, Jimina, Rainbow Jimin, Btsjimin, Jiminie, JIMIN JIMIN, OMG Jimin, Barbie, For Jimin and many others.

JIMIN JIMIN has surpassed more than 1.05 million mentions within 3 hours from the posting time. 

Jimin also trended and peaked at No. 1 on Japan’s Twipple celebrity ranking also in just a few minutes after his concept photo was posted. He also trended at #3 on Japan’s Tsuiran.

The fans around the world could not contain how amused they are with Jimin’s exquisite beauty highlighted by his rainbow-colored hair. The fans were joined by several official Twitter accounts from entertainment media editor to fashion and lifestyle magazine, music platforms, DJs and radio stations. They are all dazzled by BTS’s main dancer and lead vocalist Park Jimin.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Trending worldwide in less than 5 minutes😎👑 DAMNNNN the relevance🔥💪



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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thats on the trending emperor! Everybody is whipped for him! PARK JIMIN RAINBOW COLORED HAIR



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