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Fans think they hear Girls' Generation members Sunny and YoonA in Jessica's 'Birthday Vlog'


Following Jessica's latest birthday Vlog, many fans were pleasantly surprised to find a friendship no one saw coming.

On May 21st, Jessica posted her birthday month vlog on her YouTube channel showing her celebrating her birthday with many of her friends. In the vlog, Jessica is seen celebrating her birthday with BLACKPINK's Jennie on day 5. Jennie bought a beautiful rose-shaped cake and a pearl necklace for Jessica's birthday. 

Although Jennie didn't make a full appearance, fans knew it was her just by seeing her cute cheeks and baby hair. Jessica even confirmed that it was Jennie from BLACKPINK by referring to Jennie by her nickname 'Nini.'

Netizens also became excited as some of them pointed out that they hear some of the Girls' Generation members during the vlog. The following day after Jessica uploaded the video, the netizens used their detective skills to deduct that the voices heard in the background sound like Girls' Generation's Sunny and YoonA.

Although the members do not appear in the video as well, the fans were certain that the voices behind the camera were the Girls' Generation members. This was meaningful to many fans because Jessica has not been seen with the girl group ever since she left the group back in 2014.

Therefore, many fans could not hide their excitement and share this speculation through social media.

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theharshtruth1,051 pts 17 days ago 4
17 days ago

It does not surprise me YoonA is in contact with Jessica. We have had evidence plenty of times through out the years like in this video. Sunny also does not surprise me when Jessica left she cried so bad. Sunny and Hyoyeon mentioned in a live stream that there is 1 person that they want to talk about but they cant. Guess they cant be open because Jessica is blacklisted by SM like JYJ members. SM is so influentual that music shows dont invite or allow Jessica to perform and she cant appear on TV so she had to go to China. Its nice that she is still friends with some SNSD members. Girls' Generation will always be 9 in SONEs hearts.


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I_said_what_I_sa3,525 pts 17 days ago 2
17 days ago

I don’t hear Yoona really (nvm I hear it a bit) but for sure I hear Sunny in the back 💀 shes so loud and has a unique way of speaking. There also a rumor and pic that went around about a month ago of Krystal and Jessica at a park with Yoona. The pictures match too. Seems like some of the girls are still friends and they are keeping it undercover for whatever reason.


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