Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Why was his camera app open?" Netizens react to SM Entertainment's denial that a photographer took hidden camera photos of aespa's Winter


Previously, netizens raised allegations against a photographer accusing him of taking hidden camera photos of aespa's Winter.

After carefully examining aespa's behind-the-scenes video, one fan alleged that a staff member walking behind Karina and Winter had his phone angled towards them in a suspicious manner. 

Many netizens raised questions against the photographer, which led SM Entertainment to release a statement.

SM Entertainment
stated, "We've confirmed that the photographer in charge of the shoot and appeared in the video in question, did not do what he was misunderstood of doing. Winter, of course, enjoyed the photoshoot back then, and there were no unpleasant incidents."

However, netizens are still questioning if SM Entertainment conducted a thorough investigation, while some are saying the photographer was wrongly accused and gathered to an online community to debate the issue. Netizens commented, "Why did he have the camera app open?" "He's a photographer; he probably has his camera app open all the time," "I think the photographer is going to file a lawsuit against everyone who accused him of doing a hidden camera," "I saw that even his real name was revealed," "I don't think anyone who is in the right mind would take a photo like that in the open when there are so many cameras all around," "I hope he can file a lawsuit," and "Even if he did, I think the company would deny it considering the girl group's image." 

One netizen also pointed out that Winter was wearing long pants and Karina a long dress for that particular 'Givenchy' photo shoot. Thus, it wouldn't make sense that he would take a hidden camera photo given their attire.

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Sandyyy646112 pts Wednesday, April 14, 2021 5
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

question: If he really is taking that kind of photo, then why would he do it when they are being filmed?
I don’t think he was taking a photo of her. I have an iPhone and my camera sometimes opens without me knowing. I’m not defending him or anything, but I find it ridiculous that ppl assume he’s taking a pic of her when they don’t even know if he was a taking a pic of himself before. Besides, the pic shows his phone and in it, you can see his shirt’s reflection. An allegation like this can literally make him jobless, especially if he’s innocent.


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wonyo788 pts Wednesday, April 14, 2021 2
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"He's a photographer; he probably has his camera app open all the time,"

i don't know... I definitely think it was weird. if he was a photographer, wouldn't he be photographing with a professional camera? why use an iPhone for a whole photoshoot like this??? at the same time, it was obvious the members were filming and no sane person would do that on camera. I just hope that for her sake he didn't do anything weird.


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