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SG Wannabe Lee Suk Hoon's reaction to fans becomes a hot topic


SG Wannabe Lee Suk Hoon's reaction to fans has become a hot topic online.

Ballad singing trio SG Wannabe have been drawing attention once again after their 2004 track "Timeless" spiked on music charts, but it seems Lee Suk Hoon hasn't fully realized their rise in popularity. On April 26, Lee Suk Hoon appeared as a special DJ for MBC FM4U's 'Jeon Hyo Sung's Dream Radio' while DJ Hyosung is in self-isolation due to COVID-19 exposure.

Afterwards, the singer saw fans waiting outside the building, and he expressed in disbelief, "Is this all for me? I'm going to go crazy." Lee Suk Hoon then left the car to take a moment with his fans, receiving letters and signing autographs. 

Fans online commented, "Do you understand now? Those are just some fans," "Your reaction is driving me crazy," and more.

Have you heard SG Wannabe's "Timeless"?  

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12 days ago

I am so glad SG Wannabe is in the limelight once again. Their songs bring back memories and they still sound great after all these years.



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12 days ago

It backs to the chart after their appearance on How Do You Play/Hangout With Yoo. The MC, Yoo Jae Suk personally loves their songs as they are among his favourite singers (I always believe that we need to give an acknowledgement to who deserve it like the Brave Girls goes viral because of a Youtuber) . The programme is also preparing a new vocal band called MSG Wannabe as a reference to SG Wannabe. I’m surprise that there’s no articles about this yet. Perhaps, when the group top the chart like the Refund Sisters, people is going to write about it? 🤔


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