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Neighbor thanks Jaejoong for helping him take his father to the hospital at 4 in the morning


Jaejoong's neighbor shared pictures from his visit to  Jaejoong's house on his Instagram, where it seems they gathered for a BBQ.

In the caption, he highlighted that Jaejoong helped him take his father to the hospital at 4 a.m. He said: "This is my 1st meet-up with Jaejoong since he helped me get my dad hospitalized at 4 am after he collapsed. Always grateful for this loving, caring neighborhood older brother, now we’ll repay your grace! (3 of us met after temperature check, thorough hand wash)."

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So sweet. Good deeds speaks volumes of someone's character.



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Those are JaeJoong’s dongsaengs during military days. And all three have posted praises to Jaejoong for his warm heart:

IG sangwoo_nim

Already 6 years...
As always, the hyung who always silently cheers us constantly in his place
We become kids in the awesome night view ignoring our age ;
How can we be this innocent?ㅋㅋ

One of them also sent a handwritten letter to Jaejoong who posted it on his IG story


To Kim Jaejoong

If I said that I met a good person, the times I spent with that person became memories, and they said that they remain in my memory for a long time. That's why my precious mid-to-late twenties seem to have a lot of memories of being very happy because I was with my elder brother. I met my older brother at the age when I was just playing with it, and now I'm the head of a family.ㅎㅎ

It's a little unfamiliar, but I guess I'm becoming an adult. Thank you for always serving as a good person, good brother, and model for me.

I will develop more so that I can become a reliable younger brother to my hyung! Take care of yourself and don't get sick!

From Kim Sang-woo

All these content revealed Jaejoong is such person always ready to help/support those who’s around him 🥰🥰 He’s such person doing thing not for the public’s eyes but from his bottom of heart.



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