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Vietnamese and international fans of I-Land trainee Hanbin plant 1,000 trees in Ben En National Park


The fandom of Vietnamese trainee Hanbin (Ngô Ngọc Hưng) took part in tree planting activities in Thanh Hoá - a province in Vietnam in order to protect the environment and prevent floods.

Trainee Hanbin of Belift Lab (a joint venture company of CJ and Big Hit Entertainment), whose real name is Ngô Ngọc Hưng, was born in Yên Bái. This boy received a lot of attention from international audiences after joining the survival show called I-Land. Before stopping in the semi-finals, Hanbin excelled at No. 4 globally. After the I-Land show, Hanbin was the first trainee to hold an online fan meeting. He also participated in 2021 New Year's Eve Live of Big Hit Labels - a concert with the participation of BTS, TXT, NU'EST, G-Friend ... Although he hasn't debuted, Hanbin's number of Twitter followers has reached over 347,000 on February 2nd.

                                                                               Hanbin in I-Land show

                                                                             Hanbin in New Year Eve's Live

Recently, Hanbin's fans in Vietnamese, North America, and Peru have launched a donate campaign, "Planting trees waiting for Hanbin - Ngo Ngoc Hung to debut," from February 21th to February 28th. After the campaign, Hanbin fans have raised 65 million VND ( over 2800$) to plant 1000 trees, including trees such as Lim Xanh, Vù Hương, Lát Hoa ... in Bến En National Park (Thanh Hoá). Gaia Nature Conservation Center is the organization that helps the fandom implement this plan, and it will begin in Bến Én in March.

                      Hanbin's fandom donate 65 million VN (over 2800$) for planting 1,000 trees

In addition, with the expectation that tree planting activities in Ben En can bring luck as well as show fans' love for Hanbin - Ngô Ngọc Hưng, the campaign also wants to spread the awareness of planting trees to protect the environment to not only young people in the fandom but also the community, at the same time contribute their efforts to the flood prevention.

                   Hanbin's fandom joined hands to support the people in Central Vietnam

Before that, Hanbin fans in Indonesia planted 376 trees in this country to celebrate Hanbin's birthday (January 19). When the storm and flood happened in Central Vietnam in October 2020, Hanbin's Vietnamese and international fans also joined hands to support 80 million VND after 3 days of raising donations even though the fandom was quite young.

        Hanbin fans in Indonesia planted 376 trees in this country to celebrate Hanbin's birthday (January 19th)

Hanbin introduces Banh Chung ( Bánh Chưng) - a traditional food of Vietnamese people in the Lunar New Year. Right after that, international fans actively look for all the information about Banh chung and the story of it.

                                                                                   Hanbin in  I-Land

                                                                                    His selca

       Although he hasn't debuted yet, Hanbin still receives great support from his home country and internationally.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

I miss Hanbin. What a Talented and kind young man.



miameow233,074 pts Monday, March 1, 2021 1
Monday, March 1, 2021

I like this much more than putting up advertisements on billboards because you can help the environment and people who are not kpop fans also take notice of such things and indirect promotion


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