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A person claiming to be neighbors with April reveals more of the girl group's rude actions


Girl group April has been constantly embroiled in controversy one after another, starting from the group bullying allegations made last month.

Since then, more and more netizens have taken to online communities to expose more of the rude actions that April supposedly committed. Recently, one netizen who claimed to be April's neighbor stated that the girl group acted rudely and created loud disturbances in the apartment building.

The netizen wrote, "This is not false and I am only writing the truth...There is surveillance footage of the girls getting off the elevator...Still, they should know how to be reasonable and mind their manners when in public, even if they're young and immature. I never heard about them before and only found out about this group after the school bullying controversy and realized they were the same girls in my apartment building when I saw the wallpaper in one of their live broadcasts."

The netizen explained that she had been suffering from loud noises from her neighbor. The writer of the post stated that the girls would often talk with each other loudly and even play loud music until late at night. She claimed, "When the girls first moved in, I left a post-it note on their door asking them to lower their speaker music at least." She explained. The netizen further explained that one day she was on the elevator when a group of girls got on the elevator as well, but when they were getting off, one of them said aloud, "Isn't that the b**** who b**ched at us?" 

The netizen stated she didn't know much about K-Pop girl groups and stated there were many entertainment companies and acting schools in the neighborhood but realized the girls were the April members because of the wallpaper she saw in one of their live broadcasts. The writer of the post went on to explain, "I was surprised that those girls were idols who had debuted six years ago. I was so surprised to see the same wallpaper on their live broadcast. I'm not the type of person who is overly sensitive to sound, but I left a post-it note on their door once instead of calling the police with a noise complaint."

The netizen provided evidence of her apartment building's wallpaper along with photos of April's live broadcast and selfie photos in front of the same wallpaper. 

The netizen explained that she would not have taken it this far if the girls would have just apologized about the noise instead of cursing at her in the elevator. The writer of the post further explained, "There are people who are saying that I could have bought the same wallpaper and put it up myself, but this an officetel that has the interior already finished. Also, people are saying things about me thinking to call the police before calling the apartment's management office, but the management office is closed at 3 in the morning."

After reading the post, netizens gathered to the Nate Pann online community to comment, "How is it that there are more negative stories about this group even now?" "I mean if this story is true, these girls are really bad," "I guess they're inconsiderate even off-camera," "This is so funny how the next-door neighbor didn't even recognize the group, until the recent school bullying controversy," and "There always a reason a group doesn't make it big."

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Monday, March 8, 2021

Damage is done. Just disband and quietly disappear.


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Monday, March 8, 2021

This seems to be the last days of April.


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