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Source Music publishes official apology after GFRIEND Sowon's Nazi soldier statue controversy


Source Music has come forth with an official apology after GFRIEND member Sowon's recent controversy.

On February 1 KST, the agency took to social media writing, "We would like to deeply apologize for the controversy that was stirred up from the photos Sowon uploaded and the behind video from GFRIEND's 'Comeback Show' VCR."

The agency went on to explain that the location of filming was a cafe they rented in Paju through an outsourcing production company, and the agency staff took not only behind-the-scenes video footage, but also snapped photos for the members to be used on social media. However, during the on-site inspection process on the day of the shooting, the department in charge was not aware of the problem with the mannequin's attire. 

"We apologize for not being able to check in advance that there were inappropriate props at the shooting site, nor we we able to thoroughly inspect the contents during the filming and uploading process, and we did not pay close attention to the historical facts and social issues. We bow our heads and apologize to those who may have felt uncomfortable with these videos and photos,"
the agency continued.

In response to the controversy, Source Music has removed the problematic part of the video, and Sowon has taken down the photos. According to the agency, the idol was very surprised when she realized the controversy behind the photos and feels deeply responsible and apologetic for posting them.

The agency concluded that they will be more mindful in regard to their contents, including paying more attention to social issues. 

Meanwhile, the apology follows the controversy that arose when Sowon uploaded and then quickly deleted a set of photos taken with a mannequin, which was styled as a Nazi soldier, based on the military garments and the insignia.

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forgivemenot11,507 pts Monday, February 1, 2021 44
Monday, February 1, 2021

OK I'm going to nit-pick here, that's not a "Nazi soldier" it's the uniform of regular German army of WW2 also called the Wehrmacht, the Nazi was the political movement and they had their own armed wing called the SS, those were the "Nazi" as you had to be a party member to join.

Some regular German military were also Nazi but as a whole the regular German military despised the Nazi and the SS and some members even tried to assassinate Hitler unsuccessfully and were executed later.

I wish people would study history more then they wouldn't make erroneous statements.


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deza7744214 pts Monday, February 1, 2021 8
Monday, February 1, 2021

As Kpop gets increasing spread internationally, companies will need to take extra care whatever they film does not cause any of these instances.


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