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GFriend's Sowon uploads and deletes photos taken with a Nazi soldier statue


GFriend's Sowon is under fire for posting a set of controversial photos on Instagram.

On January 31 KST, Sowon uploaded and then quickly deleted a set of photos taken with a mannequin. The plastic statue has been identified as a Nazi soldier, based on the military garments and the insignia. Some have commented that these photos might have been taken on a set. 

Furthermore, according to the fans, member SinB has Sowon saved on her phone as "Kitler", an alleged combination of her name and the former Nazi leader.

Although the motivations behind her actions are unclear, fans and netizens on Twitter are demanding an apology from Sowon and the company. 

Due to this controversy, netizens are also splitting over the historical component of this issue. What are your thoughts?

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  2. SinB
  3. Sowon
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lui-c586 pts 26 days ago 21
26 days ago

this isn’t about kpop, fanwars or whatever the fuck else people are spewing the

situation is. NO this is about insensitive, disrespectful and wrong behaviour that sowon and gfriend need to apologise for. there’s no excuse for it & some of you need to acknowledge that even if there is an apology people are NOT required to forgive them or accept the apology


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quark12395Allkill VIP19,893 pts 26 days ago 33
26 days ago

I still can't believe some folks really tried to pull the "Koreans don't know about WW2" card as a defense. Not only is world history taught in school but IT'S LITERALLY PART OF KOREAN HISTORY.


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