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Calvin Klein releases a sensual pictorial where HyunA and Dawn show off their real couple chemistry


On February 19th, fashion brand, Calvin Klein, released the pictorial for the 2021 Spring/ Summer collection featuring HyunA and Dawn.

HyunA and Dawn show off their unique yet perfect chemistry and, boasting, their free-spirited individuality and charm in the pictorial. Wearing the latest Calvin Klein Performance collection, HyunA and Dawn showed off the swag-filled hip athleisure fashion.

In addition to the athleisure wear, HyunA and Dawn showed off their perfect fits in the Calvin Klein Jeans collection as they wore a denim jacket over the T-shirt with a simple Calvin Klein logo.

HyunA and Dawn also showed off their perfect physiques and lovely chemistry with each other as they posed in the Calvin Klein Underwear collection as well. HyunA and Dawn had previously uploaded a short clip of the photoshoot in which the two enjoyed the time of working together for the fashion brand.

  1. Dawn (E'Dawn)
  2. HyunA
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5 days ago

Im happy for them. I wish more idol couples were brave enough to love who ever they want - Oh right that doesn't exist in kpop, I forgot.


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5 days ago

Don’t get me wrong love them but in my OPINION I just think the first picture shouldn’t been selected. In in marketing and it’s not that they are in underwear holding each other, but it’s the lack of emotion on his face and how her hair that is on her face makes her eye look a little lazy. If I was working with them I would of done over head lighting with her hair slicked back and have his hair a little messy to big some time of character to his face and have her hands on him not handing off


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