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"Are you gay?" Sehun replies to a netizen's rude question on Instagram live


On February 19th, EXO's Sehun started an Instagram Live to interact with his fans and talk with them over a cold glass of beer.

Sehun surprised his fans by starting the live broadcast late at night. During the live stream, Sehun shared that he had just finished watching a sad movie and couldn't fall asleep, so he had decided to spend time with his fans rather than spending the time alone.

On this day, Sehun read the comments his fans left on the live chat and responded to some of the questions. In one instance, a fan, rather a netizen, asked Sehun, "Are you gay?" in English. 

Sehun laughed, then read the comment aloud by responding, "I read a comment that's funny. I wonder why you think I'm gay?" He continued to read the question, "Are you gay?" and replied, "No, I'm not." Sehun laughed as he was baffled by the question and continued to talk with his fans.

After the Instagram live, Sehun's fans took it to social media such as Twitter to express their feelings about the rude question.

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LilMsMarie176 pts 7 days ago 9
7 days ago

tbh i think it's none of our business to know whether an idol is straight, gay, bi ...whatever... we should be respectful and let them say it themselves instead of pressuring :/


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salamanderrrr1,473 pts 7 days ago 1
7 days ago

I mean even if he was, no idol with self-preservation would answer yes. dumb question overall and just makes things uncomfortable


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