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Former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum finally reveals why he left the group


Former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum finally revealed why he left the group.

In a YouTube segment, Heechul and Kim Ki Bum had an honest conversation over alcohol. In Heechul's presence, Kim Ki Bum honestly revealed the real reason for his departure from the group. Even Heechul, who was curious about the reason, had asked Kim Ki Bum: "Did the members harass you? Were you bullied?

But, the real reason had to do with his singing. Kim Ki Bum said, "I wanted to die. It was so embarrassing. I even asked if they could remove all my parts from the songs. And so, later, I really didn't receive any parts.

"I raised my own hands and said, 'I will depart from the group'. I just wanted to focus on acting. There are both good and bad memories," revealed Kim Ki Bum. 

During the conversation, Heechul also shared that he and Kim Ki Bum were supposed to leave the group together after 2005. However, the group promotions had gone so well in '05 that they had to continue even in 2006. 

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Rin89912,425 pts Sunday, January 24, 2021 1
Sunday, January 24, 2021

I'm not surprised. Being an idol is very difficult, even if tons of people look only at the glam of it and dream to become one. You're restricted in every way possible: who you met, who you date, what you eat, what you wear, what you say. . . Even your body language or face, even if it wasn't indended that way, will be talked and hated on because lots of fans are immature and disturbed people. Nvm the antis, what saesang fans do is way worse: stalking, approaching idols, sending weird and scary gifts, phones on their faces no matter if they're angry, sad, tired etc. So of course, one would become depressed, struggle with multiple disorders as many idols do. Lots is filtered too, because what happens bts is way worseadding corruption, bullying, pedofiles etc. That's why I wish people were more considerate to idols. No matter how low you may think of them, they're already struggling and working hard so just mind your business and leave them alone. Appreciate their works but don't try to make them into your puppets, dehumanizing them in ways you wouldn't want others to do to you.


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ayanelf180 pts Sunday, January 24, 2021 2
Sunday, January 24, 2021

As an ELF this is sad to hear all these years later. Kibum was a great singer and he had acting opportunities at the time, but then he literally vanished. I watch kdramas often and you don’t see him anywhere. He was in maybe 1 or 2 dramas that I can recall and not as a main or side character. You could tell something was going on (most of us assumed he was depressed all these years) but it makes sense. 15 members at the time, who would think he would stand out? I feel for groups with more than 6-7 members. SuJu is one of those rare groups where most members made something of themselves. Donghae and Siwon did acting, Eunhyuk/Leeteuk/Shindong/Heechul went the reality route and KRY makes amazing OSTs (although Kyu is also in the reality group) and Henry has a whole drama on Netflix.


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