Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Yoo Ah In says goodbye to 2020 with attitude in raunchy SNS photos + resolution to quit smoking in 2021


On December 24, actor Yoo Ah In greeted his Instagram followers with a set of rather shocking new photos. 

In the Instagram post, Yoo Ah In took some time to reflect on his past self and actions. Many of the photos featured Yoo Ah In smoking while semi-nude. The actor wrote:

"That first time. It was all for show back then. It tickled. Then it starts tasting good. And then I felt like I could breathe out better. I couldn't live without it. For about 17 years. Stinks. But I'll probably miss it huh? That stink of cigarette in my hair that night. /spitting/. I'm quitting. Cough cough. Bye cigarettes. In 2020 (Yoo Ah In most likely meant to write '2021') I'm gonna quit smoking and work out more diligently. I'm gonna be healthy. I'm gonna save myself through health. The first grand decision born out of a life filled with cigarette smoke!

Please congratulate me. I'll move better with a healthier body. And I'll rest better. I'll rest better and breathe better. But where are y'all? I need to get back the fun of Instagram! If it stays boring like this I'm gonna switch to TikTok. But how does TikTok work? Idk. I'll figure it out. This is easier though. Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing you blessings in the new year. All of the crimes I committed in the past, provoking others to start smoking through my past photos and for exposing my neighbors to cigarette smoke, I will pay diligently while living a long life. Let's all live long. LONG.

If you see me smoking, report it on here. My drawers are coming off. Chirp. And those of you who made fun of me, saying Yoo Ah In is a pig now, if you come forward I'll treat you to samgyupsal. Oink oink."

What do you think of Yoo Ah In's unique year-end greeting to his followers and his determined New Year's resolution?

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bayann123319 pts Wednesday, December 23, 2020 2
Wednesday, December 23, 2020

During his "I Live Alone" episode, he was panting and out of breath the whole time. It was sad seeing that in such a young guy. I'm glad he's quitting. Have a healthy future, Yoo Ah In!


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streamingisfake1,217 pts Thursday, December 24, 2020 0
Thursday, December 24, 2020

I love his personality very much :) As an actor he is HUGE. Not so popular as those cute untalented dolls we can see in the most of the Kdramas and movies ...and that tells a lot about what being popular means and that the talent and artistical performnce are not appreciated as it'd be normal. I recommend you Six Flying Dragons and see what a great actor means



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