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TVXQ's Yunho confirms the rumor that he once interfered in a random street fight between two non-celebrities


TVXQ's Yunho confirmed the rumor that he once came between a random street fight.

In the latest episode of 'About Time', Yunho answered to a rumor online saying that someone witnessed him in tatters trying to mediate a fist fight between two people. To this news, Yunho responded that what they saw was indeed correct and that he tried to calm down two middle-aged strangers.

He explained, "I remember that incident. The lady was in her 60's, and the man was in his 40's. The man was trying to assault the woman, and the thought of my own mother immediately came to my mind. So, despite having to bear the brunt of a few punches myself, I interfered and diffused the situation. I even called the police, and the matter was taken care of very well."

Kang Ho Dong, who applauded Yunho for his bravery, confessed that he probably wouldn't have physically interfered. "If Yunho hadn't interfered, then you never know what kind of tragedy could have occured.

Then, Lee Soo Geun comically added, "If it were Kang Ho Dong, then he probably would have witnessed the scene inside a car, rolled down the windows and said, 'Stop. Apologize and just stop.'", which would have also stopped the incident, given his famous identity as a robust wrestler. 


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Ohboy6916,891 pts Sunday, December 27, 2020 0
Sunday, December 27, 2020

...Yunho, if you ever need a kidney - give me a call. Hell, I'll even give up my lungs. 😅



iluv1n2d574 pts Sunday, December 27, 2020 0
Sunday, December 27, 2020

This is the man who wanted to be a prosecutor, so i am not surprised.



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