Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Infamous child sex offender Cho Doo Soon continues to make requests to meet with the victim


It has been revealed that the infamous child sex offender had constantly requested to meet with the victim.

 The JTBC special 'Lee Gyu Yeon's Spotlight' talked about the sex offender Cho Doo Soon as there are only a few days until his release.

During the broadcast, producer Oh Seung Ryul explained, "While covering his story, I felt he had no sense of remorse. In the petitions, he always wrote that he does not remember his actions because he was drunk." In particular, what shocked netizens during the show was when the producers revealed that Cho Doo Soon had continued to ask to meet the victim. 

The anchor asked the producer on this day, "Is it true that Cho Doo Soon requested to be permitted to meet the victim?" to which the producer replied, "Yes, we were surprised to see it as well. He always wrote at the end of every petition, 'Please let me meet with the victim'."

Citizens of Korea continued to be shocked and tremble in fear as more information about Cho Doo Soon continues to be released. A few days ago, JTBC's 'Money Today' released shocking information shared by Cho Doo Soon's fellow cellmates

The discussion and debate on the issue continue to shake the nation of South Korea as Cho Doo Soon is scheduled to be released on December 12th.

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bast_rd2,322 pts Wednesday, December 9, 2020 1
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Fucking arsehole. It's completely the victims choice if they want to meet. The perpetrator should keep quiet until the victim has said anything about it - and if the victim NEVER says anything about it, the perpetrator should never say anything.

Also what? If he says he doesn't remember doing it, what would he even say to the victim? "It wasn't me", or "I don't think I did that"?

This disgusting man should have been jailed for life. At the VERY least he shouldn't be allowed to return to the same town as the person that he made a victim. Fuck him.


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changminbaby8,706 pts Wednesday, December 9, 2020 1
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

this guy should not get out of jail


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