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Experts advise celebrities to wear masks on broadcast shows


There have been increasing requests for celebrities to wear masks on television as well.

One netizen stated that her son recently asked why the people on television aren't wearing masks indoors but wear masks outdoors. Many agreed that they often see celebrities appear on television without wearing masks when they are filming indoors but wearing masks outdoors.

The netizen claimed, "children are taught to wear masks even in the classroom despite being hard for them, but it's difficult to explain to my children when they see people not properly wearing masks on TV. It's only natural that children don't understand that kind of situation."

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters on the 17th, performances, broadcast appearances, photographs, and sign language interpretations are considered exceptions to the mandatory mask-wearing regulation.

However, many citizens pointed out that since the spread of COVID19 is becoming serious and the third phase of social distance has been mandated,  it should now be necessary to make masks mandatory in TV broadcasts.

Usually, at the beginning of the entertainment program, there are subtitles such as "This program has been carried out in compliance with thorough quarantine rules to prevent the infection and spread of COVID19," but this alone is not enough.

This opinion also prevails online. Specifically, most people have given up their daily lives due to the COVID19, but broadcast entertainment shows are constantly showing celebrities without masks and not keeping social distance guidelines. This is tantamount to spreading signals that we are safe.

There was also a national petition for the Blue House. Although the signature criteria (approval of 200,000 people within a month) were not met, the petitioner said, "celebrities wearing their masks on their chins are prevalent in entertainment programs that teenagers watch a lot. Celebrities who should be setting an example has a huge impact on teenagers and should be responsible adults on the broadcast."

Some argue that even news anchors, experts on the news, and weather forecasters wearing masks will help convey the seriousness of the situation. The quarantine authorities emphasize every day that people should refrain from traveling and to wear masks. Still, some fear that citizens have become callous to the recommendation as it has already been about a year since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Wearing a mask in an actual entertainment show is not unreasonable. In the case of YouTube's entertainment shows 'Negotiation King' and 'Invention King,' which began last summer, all the cast members were filmed wearing masks from the first episode. The cast of KBS 2TV's '2 Days  1 Night Season 4' recently started wearing masks as well. 

Pertaining to this matter, Kwak Geum Joo, a psychology professor at Seoul National University, said to News1, "Viewers feel vicarious satisfied when watching tv, but at the same time they feel they are living a different reality than the celebrities who appear on TV. It might be much better if celebrities wear masks indoors when they are closely interacting with one another and take off the masks when they are outdoors."

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