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Drama 'Youth', which is based on the BTS-Universe, will postpone filming until early next year


It has been reported that the drama 'Youth' based on the BTS-Universe from the boy group's 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life' album series, will postpone filming until next year.

It has been confirmed that the drama suspended the filming in late October of this year. Co-producers Chorokbaem Media and Big Hit Entertainment explained, "The filming was suspended in the process of adjusting the names of the characters in the narrative story based on the BTS- universe. We will resume filming after adjusting the matter."

The filming was scheduled to resume last month but was postponed to this month. However, the filming was not able to resume even by the year-end, therefore, the company decided to resume filming in January of next year.

'Youth' is a drama depicting the story of seven precarious boys who meet challenges as they mature and grow up. The story is to show the process in which the boys overcome their wounds in their hearts and grow up together emphasizing one another's pains.

This drama gained much attention in particular because the drama would be based on the BTS-universe from the boy group's album series 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life'. The BTS-Universe tells a different narrative of each member as it unfolds various stories in a metaphorical and symbolic manner which is completed through various content such as the BTS music videos.

When the production of the drama was announced, there were many concerns from the BTS fandom as it was announced that the group member's real names will be used for the characters in the drama. Many fans complained about using the real names of BTS members as they were concerned that using the member's real names can cause confusion to the public as the story deals with dark and heavy matters such as domestic violence.

BTS fans have sent in requests to the company to reconsider the names of the characters from the drama saying "The real names represent the lives of each member before being a member of the BTS group. We ask the company to reconsider using their real names on the fictional drama characters which can influence their lives as real people rather than pursuing to make a profit through them."

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