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BJ Chul Goo shaves his head as an apology for his remark against the late Comedian Park Ji Sun


BJ Chul Goo was embroiled in a controversy as he insulted the late Park Ji Sun and tried to divert criticisms by degrading another comedian's appearance saying he meant to say Park Mi Sun, not Park Ji Sun.

Nevertheless, BJ Chul Goo was under fire and received heavy criticisms for his remarks and actions. On December 8th, the streamer decided to have a live broadcast on Afreeca TV and personally explain the incident.

On this day, BJ Chul Goo said, "I apologize that I spoke without thinking. From now, I'll be careful about speaking and these slipping of the tongue during the broadcast. I'm really sorry to those who were disappointed and hurt" as he stood up and bowed his head.

Then he continued the broadcast saying, "I can't continue the broadcast with a bad facial expression, I'll continue the broadcast in a joyful manner. I already self-reflected for three days already. Also, if I keep a bad facial expression and self-reflect longer, the people who will criticize me will continue criticizing me so I'll just do the broadcast on my own accord."

His viewers suggested Chul Goo shave his head as an apology but the streamer cursed in reply saying "Shave my head? ** off, shut up."

Later, one subscriber gave BJ Chul Goo 19,000 star balloons on the live broadcast to which Chul Goo changed his attitude. He thanked the subscriber who donated a large number of star balloons and began to shave his head with a clipper.

Among the viewers, many requested BJ Chul Goo to sincerely apologize to comedian Park Mi Sun and send her a direct message. The viewers commented on the chat that a real apology is one where the victim accepts the apology. Therefore, BJ Chul Goo sent a direct message on social media apologizing to Park Mi Sun.

Still, his viewers continued to talk about the controversy and the incident so BJ Chul Goo began expressing his anger. He shouted "Stop it" and said to his manager in agitation "kick those ** out."

Meanwhile, an alleged hater called BJ Chul Goo out saying "You look like Hong Rok Gi" and he replied, "Get lost. Park Ji Sun". Netizens who were watching the stream immediately reprimanded him for using her name as an insult but his excuse further brought about criticisms.

He explained, "Oh I mistakenly said Park Ji Sun. I meant to say Park Mi Sun". After hearing about the incident, comedian Park Mi Sun took it to her social media to express her anger at the streamer

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k_kid9,499 pts Thursday, December 10, 2020 2
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dude is not normal upstairs.


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sejun-the-great2,576 pts Thursday, December 10, 2020 0
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Can we send this clown back to the circus already?



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