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[ALBUM & MV REVIEW] Baek Yerin - 'tellusaboutyourself'


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Track List:

1. Lovegame

2. You're so lonely now, so you need me back by your side again

3. I am not your ocean anymore

4. Hall&Oates

5. Ms. Delicate

6. Interlude

7. Loner


9. Loveless

10. Hate you

11. 0415

12. I'll be your family!

13. I'm in love

14. Bubbles&Mushrooms

R&B princess, Baek Yerin, has returned with a whopping 14-song album entitled, tellusaboutyourself. The artist is known for her sultry vocals and ethereal delivery, and this album is chock full of it. Before we start with the review, I have to preface with the fact that I felt that the album was very monotonous. I think that overall, many of the songs have near-identical vibes, which didn't make tellusaboutyourself my favorite Baek Yerin album. Now that that's out of the way let's get into it.

I think the album's best song is "Lovegame," the album's introductory track. The song is sweet, downtempo, and synth-heavy. The song feels nostalgic in a "driving through the mountains with the top-down" kind of way that makes it likable upon the first listen. I half-expected the album to sound like this song until track 2, "You're so lonely now, so you need me back by your side again." The song isn't my taste, a slow yearning love song that's about the heartbreak and yearning to get back together with an ex, but I can't deny the feelings evoked by Baek Yerin are unique and well-delivered.

"I am not your ocean anymore" follows and is a little contradictory to the last track, giving the album a slightly strange tracklist. By this point on the album, I do feel a little fatigued by her singing style, as the songs start to blend together for me. "I am not your ocean anymore" has a distinctly retro feel, but unfortunately, I felt the saxophone solo outweighed her performance. "Hall&Oates" is a slower song than the tracks prior, but again- I am starting to feel seriously fatigued by her overly consistent sound at this point in the album. It would have benefitted her to change up the tempos of the tracklist, so it felt less flat.

"Ms. Delicate" is the song I wish was further up on the tracklist to break between the plodding and similar-sounding songs. "Ms. Delicate" is funky and has some disco influence sprinkled in, but overall the song is distinctly 80s-influenced. It's is a nice break after so many similar-sounding songs, but not superbly original overall. As we move into the album's "Interlude," I wonder if the latter half of the album will sound similar to the first half. "Interlude" itself is short, sweet, simple, and sultry. 

Unfortunately, I am disappointed by many of the songs in the latter half. "Loner," "Loveless," "Hate you," and "I'm in Love" all feel extremely similar, and if I'm not really paying attention to the album, the songs start to feel like they blend together. I would have preferred if Baek Yerin made the album shorter and just picked a few of these songs instead of releasing really similar songs one after the other on the tracklist. I hate to say it, but it makes the listening experience rather dull. Even the songs that are more upbeat sound like songs that were earlier in the tracklist. "HOMESWEETHOME" and "I'll be your family!" both evoke the same 80s influence with synth-heavy instrumentals and virtually the same vocal style as "Lovegame." The only redeeming tracks in the latter half are "0415", her title, and the album's closing song "Bubbles&Mushrooms," but even then, I'm not big on her lyricism. Overall, Baek Yerin's sound is very niche and if her indie-sounding style is what you're into, you will really enjoy this album.


Depicting Baek Yerin's personal story of her fear of meeting new people, the MV for "0415" is deeply cinematic and intriguing. I feel that her visual aspects give her music more flair and depth. However, the MV kind of confuses the audience. There is a deeply dramatic introductory narration that gives way to the feeling that the main character of the MV is 'different.' Suddenly, all the actors in the MV start to do this strange choreography. Without ruining the plot of the MV, I felt that the twist was somewhat unrelated. I had trouble connecting the MV to the song itself after the initial introductory sequence. Her MV is unique, but I feel as though the entire MV and album appeals to folks who think they are a bit different and special from the rest. Baek Yerin gives me this feeling of "I'm not like other girls" superiority that I can't quite get past.


MV Relevance…..6

MV Production…..7

MV Concept……..7

MV Score: 6.67


Album Production…...7

Album Concept……...7


Album Score: 6.67

Overall: 6.67

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Nice. She has talent.



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