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5 Incredible K-Dramas that we wish had better endings


We’ve all heard the saying, “all’s well that ends well,” but when it comes to K-Dramas, sometimes, the drama will be a masterpiece, only to end disappointingly. As such, it is quite hard to ignore the fact that the drama was masterfully made, but the writer’s sense of a good ending clearly just did not resonate with the viewers. Here are 5 amazing Korean dramas that we just wish had a better ending.

'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo'

Coming in hot at number 1 is definitely the iconic ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo.’ While the drama and the cast are loved by every single viewer that has laid eyes on the drama, the ending is equally loathed by them. While there was a resolution to the story that fans could see coming from miles away, it was definitely not the ideal one. In a story premised by a mysterious and fantastical manipulation of timelines, the bare minimum that fans could have wished for was a happy reunion of the eternal soulmates.

'Cheese in the Trap'

Based on a mega-hit webtoon that wasn’t complete at the time of the drama’s adaptation, the production house took huge creative liberties regarding the drama’s plot. The ending especially was met with huge criticism from fans of the webtoon and viewers of the drama as well for being unsatisfactory and unfitting with the rest of the story. The original author of the webtoon, Soonkki, also expressed her dissatisfaction regarding the production of the drama. Overall, the way the drama followed the comic's original plot only to deviate and mess up the ending with a lack of closure was a concern to all fans.

'Record of Youth'

Although one might argue that the ending of ‘Record of Youth’ was a perfect millennial conclusion, for fans seeking the feel-good fairy-tale K-Drama fantasy, the ending could have been executed in a much better and complete manner. It has become quite a trend in Korean dramas to include open endings in the story, leaving the narrative's resolution to the viewers’ imaginations. While sometimes, it works wonders, such as in ‘Seven Day Queen,’ in the case of ‘Record of Youth,’ it totally missed the mark. Throughout the penultimate and the final episode, everything feels a little too rushed. The breakup is never explained properly, and it is a little too unbelievable that the two never exchanged or even tried to exchange a word from that day until years later. It looks like they pick up from where they left off, but the importance of that amount of time is completely kicked to the curb. Even if we are to assume that the two get back together because the timing is now right, the question is, should they?

'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol'

Putting every clichéd drama trope into use, the ending of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ seems right out of an 80s melodrama. Jun (played by Lee Jae Wook) plays a game of hide and seek except that instead of hiding, he initiates a guessing game of life and death. It is downright cruel and quite unlike his character, how he allows the one woman he loves most to believe that he’s no longer with them. Regardless of what his intentions were, that kind of trauma can drive a lover insane. The gravity of the situation is toyed with until the very end where Jun finally returns. Especially considering how the entire drama was so perfectly made, the ending was truly a disappointment.

'SKY Castle'

Finally, perhaps the most controversial entry on this list is the mega-hit ‘SKY Castle.’ There’s a reason why it was the most popular and critically acclaimed drama in South Korea for a long time. That was because of just how raw, real, and intense the narrative was and how perfectly the human condition was portrayed. However, seeing the reaction towards the drama and the national sentiment surrounding it, it was announced that the drama would be extended from 16 to 20 episodes. While this sounded incredible to fans of the drama, the writer probably felt differently. Extending the story came with a fair share of changes that now had to be made to the plot. Many viewers argue that extensions almost always dilute the drama's plot, which is exactly what happened with ‘SKY Castle.’ The drama's final episode was so strangely different from the overall vibe of the drama that it almost felt like the author was an entirely different person. In other words, it was way too ideal and happy for a drama that daringly put the filth of human greed, ambition, and cruelty on full blast. While it was certainly satisfying because it was a “happy ending,” it definitely did not fit the show.

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yvangelica7,310 pts Thursday, December 17, 2020 0
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Record of youth started soo good, but after episode 12, it went downhill... I felt dissapointed, specially because the actors did a great job...

In the case of sky castle is the classic example WHY KDRAMAS SHOULD NOT BE EXTENDED. 16 episodes were enough to make a really perfect drama (Just like the world of the married did), but they wanted to get more money out of that success and the end up turning a great drama into something nobody understood...

The case of Do Do Sol sol la la sol, well, the writer sit down and first wrote all the cliches existing in kdramaland, and later started to write the script... It worked well most of the time.



streamingisfake1,128 pts Thursday, December 17, 2020 2
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Lee Joon Gi as Prince Wangso will be always my Number One


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