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Netizens compile an incredibly long list of celebrities who are confirmed fans of BTS


Netizens have posted a tremendously long list of celebrities who have officially declared themselves as fans of BTS.

On a community forum, a netizen compiled all the footage of celebrities when they "outed" themselves as ARMYs. From veteran actors and entertainers to 1st generation idols and national athletes, both male and female celebrities alike have admitted that they are devoted to the K-Pop group!

Check out the list below. Scroll warning, though -- it's a long list (and only partial)!

Lee Young Ae

Kim Hee Ae

"PD: Why do you like BTS?

Kim Hee Ae: A person who doesn't like BTS would be the stranger one...This is the feeling of a mom with sons."

Yeom Jung Hwa

"I want to call up BTS and feed them..."

Kim Tae Ri

"Q. What's the most interesting thing that's been happening to you these days?

KTR. The way I am becoming a BTS fan. I love seeing myself as a fan. Whenever I catch myself while looking at the BTS video through my smart phone, I find myself smiling so much in the reflections."

Park Ha Sun

"There is never a day I don't think about BTS...."

Kim Hee Sun

"I always carry this BTS fan with me..."

Seo Woo

Han Hyo Joo

Kim Gyu Ri

Jung So Min

"I'm a fan of BTS. Isn't everybody?"

Lee Jin


Han Ji Hye

Hwang Seok Jung

Kim Gap Soo

Park Min Young

Kim Ui Seong

"I'm hooked."

Park Young Gyu

No Min Woo

Kim Nam Gil

Lee Joon Ki

"I only listen to BTS."

Jung Hae In

"There are so many good songs. Like 'Serendipity'..."

Han Hye Jin

"I'm hooked on Jungkook."

Kim Sook

Track-and-field athlete Yang Ye Bin

"They told me that I could meet BTS, so I didn't give up."

Figure skater Yoo Young

...and more, including more athletes, television anchors, and comedians.

Have you also recently discovered an unexpected BTS fan?

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Lee Joon Ki, Park Min Young and Jung Hae In?! I love their dramas! Taste all around.



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