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Insider reveals more information about the three trainees who will possibly join aespa


Recently, an insider gave a tip that there might be three more members joining the SM Entertainment girl group aespa

That same insider posted more information about the possible new members of the girl group. Previously, the insider revealed only the initials of the members' names, but now they revealed detailed information about who these trainees would be. 

Just as revealed before, the first possible new member would be Helen, a Korean-Australian girl. She is known to specialize in dancing and could possibly be the main dancer of the group.

The second SM trainee is Rino, a Japanese trainee. She had previously appeared in a BBC special documentary and appeared as the SM Entertainment trainee. She is known to specialize in singing and is expected to be the main vocalist of the group.

Finally, the least known trainee of the three, Ouju, a Korean member, is expected to be the youngest of the group. There are no photos of this member that have been publicly revealed yet.

Many aespa fans are excited to hear the news of the possible addition of members, as the group has already gained a great deal of global popularity.

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love_isplus212,073 pts 15 days ago 3
15 days ago

it seems to me that aespas debut was not a debut, but more so an introduction into into literally the world of aespa. just looking at the lyrics alone, SM really wants to pull the audience into their Kwangya, aespas A.I. world. their debut didn’t seem like any other debut because it was not about the music, it was about introducing lee soo mans dream world of A.I. + kpop + more virtual connection for fans. i think this is why SM is planning to add members, it wasn’t because SM wasn’t ready to debut aespa (clearly the value in production proves this) but they need to warm up the market for this A.I bs. i guess it’s better to add multiple members at one time instead of 1 so the hate gets divided.


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tah165 pts 15 days ago 8
15 days ago

Why add them after the official debut with the MV? There are just gonna be those people who are gonna say "original" aespa was better and blah blah blah


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