Posted by beansss Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Insider claims aespa will add 3 more members including well-known trainee Helen


According to an unidentified insider, SM Entertainment's rookie girl group aespa, set to debut on November 17 with their 1st digital single "Black Mamba", will be adding new members in the near future. 

As many of you know, aespa currently consist of 4-members. But according to this insider, SM Entertainment plans on adding 3 more members, making a 7-member group. 

An online post by this insider first surfaced back in October. Many people initially wrote this insider's comments off as baseless. However, with the recent release of aespa's "Black Mamba" MV teaser, the post is garnering renewed attention. 

The insider claimed back on October 29, 

"This song is similar to K/DA's 'Popstar' but a little heavier, and in the beginning it starts with the electric guitar before they shout 'Hey' and then Karina starts off in the center of the formation. However many times I listen to the song, it's just a plain, generic hip-girl song. Part 1. Karina, 2. Ningning, 3. Winter, 4 Aeri. The debut is only 4 members and Winter and Ningning have the most parts. The dance during the highlight part is similar to Girls' Generation's 'Girls bring the' part..."

Many netizens are now surprised to find that many of claims made in the post above came true. This insider also made the claim that 3 new members would be added some time after SME revealed aespa's official logo, by writing the names of the debuting members first:

Yoo Ji Min (Karina)
Aeri (Giselle)
Kim Min Jung (Winter)

And then adding the names of the alleged new members:

Initial R/L, Initial N
Initial (Could be A, Y, W, etc), Initial J
Initial H, Initial R/L

Of the initials of the alleged new members mentioned, many netizens recognized the one with "Initial H, Initial R/L" as belonging to an already well-known SM trainee, Helen (born 2003, Australian-American).

What do you think of the claims and rumors?

  1. aespa
  2. Winter
  3. Karina
  4. Ningning
  5. Giselle
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ratmonster5,050 pts Tuesday, November 17, 2020 8
Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Am I the only one who actually likes when SM adds new members to their groups? I think at least for the first year after debut it’s kind of exciting to see new members. And I was disappointed when I found out aespa was only 4 members


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meera-sahir1,083 pts Tuesday, November 17, 2020 4
Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I'd pretty much like more members, as it adds more personality to the group, and I always thought 4 members for aespa was too...small? I felt as thought SM wanted to add more or smtg, man.

SM's already pushing Karina so much in a damn FOUR membered group, a number where all members can get equal spotlight, but nope, SM is SM. They favor whom they like. If they put more people in the group, then I wonder how much SM could sideline them.

But do you guys remember Yeri? What happened to her when she debuted alongside Red Velvet the next year? She was hated mercilessly. I don't want the same to happen to possible future aespa members too.

Let's see what can happen. That's what we can only do, anyways.


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