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Prosecutors ask for a life sentence for Cho Joo Bin who was behind the infamous 'Nth Telegram' chatroom


Cho Joo Bin, the infamous 'Nth Telegram' chatroom operator, was always seen with his head up high being overly confident. However, he eventually shed tears at the final trial.

On October 22, the prosecutors demanded sentencing of life imprisonment for Cho Joo Bin, who was indicted on charges of producing and distributing videos of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Telegram.

The prosecution explained the reason for the sentence was that "Cho Joo Bin continuously distributed a large amount of sexually exploited materials such as videos and photos without any sense of guilt and insulted the victims by watching it with the members who managed the chatrooms. The victims' pain is immeasurable, and the victims are appealing with tears requesting a severe punishment the accused."

Cho Joo Bin finally shed tears in the final hearing and stated, "I admit that I committed the crime and apologize sincerely to the victims." He added, "The selfish life and my life of a wicked person have ended. I want to bring an end to this evilness and live a new life of self-reflection."

Cho Joo Bin's attitude was vastly different from seven months ago.

His face was unveiled to the public for the first time on March 25. Appearing at the Jongno Police Station in Seoul before being sent to the prosecution, he raised his head stiffly and remained confident throughout the day.

While making an appearance, he also raised controversy as he mentioned other famous individuals stating they were part of the chat rooms.

Cho Joo Bin was asked to say a word to the victims when he suddenly stated, "I sincerely apologize to all those who suffered damages because of me - including Sohn Suk Hee, the president of JTBC, former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyun, and reporter Kim Woong." then he concluded with "Thank you so much for stopping the devil's lifestyle that could not have been stopped."

After the trial, Cho Joo Bin's father also appealed for his son's leniency.

In a meeting with reporters, Cho Joo Bin's father bowed his head, saying, "As a father, I sincerely apologize for causing great social controversy and causing tremendous damage and pain to the victims. I'm a father, but I don't intend to defend or do anything about the crimes committed by my child.

However, he continued to say, "But shouldn't we avoid the witch-hunting that would drive a person out of society? Honorable judge, please have pity over our poor lives and give my son some leniency, so it does not ruin one pitiful soul."

Yet, the victims are still furious. The victims' lawyer who attended the trial read some of the petitions written by the victims:

"The assailant said he wanted to use his gift to pay back the victim. I can't help but laugh. I don't know how he's going to cover up this situation with just a self-reflection. He threatened his victims to make money and terrorized them as slaves just for fun and games. He has not had the least respect for human beings throughout the crime. "I'm so busy trying to erase the video that Cho Joo Bin distributed, and I don't know what the hell he will be self-reflecting on all this. Just as my wounds are endless, I hope Cho Joo Bin's punishment is endless."

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Deport this bastard to the *north*👆



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