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'18 Again' actor Lee Do Hyun garners attention for his interview talking about his younger brother with a developmental disability


Rising rookie actor Lee Do Hyun, currently greeting viewers as the male lead of JTBC's '18 Again', is garnering attention for his past interviews, where he sincerely talked about his younger brother. 

In a 2019 interview, Lee Do Hyun naturally brought up the topic of his family and mentioned that his younger brother has a developmental disability when asked about his goals for 2020. He began by saying, "I hope that in 2020, I will be the only one working in my family."

The interviewer asked him to elaborate, to which he responded, "My parents have both worked for a very long time, and my younger brother has a developmental disability. Thankfully, our country has very good programs in place for the disabled, and so he is currently working at a grocery mart. But I think there is still an atmosphere of discrimination and mistreatment of the disabled, even if it may be unconsciously. My mother has delivered newspapers for a long time, and when I asked her why she doesn't quit, she said that our family has a lot of debt. I found out how much the debt was, and told here that I would pay it off in 2020. I mean, I'm not sure if it's possible, but it's just my goal. So I hope that in 2020, my mother, father, and Donghyuk can rest at home, and we can all live off of my earnings. I think that will give me a peace of mind when I enlist too." 

He added on, "Donghyuk has a developmental disability. It's not apparent at first, but if you talk with him for about 10 minutes you can tell. He lacks social skills and his intelligence is about that of a middle schooler. He's overweight, and so people look down on him a lot. So a lot of times I've had to go and tell people that I'm his hyung, not to bully him. But I also find a lot of inspiration from Donghyuk for my acting." 

Finally, when the interviewer apologized for asking him such personal questions, Lee Do Hyun remarked, "Normally, there's no reason for me to mention my family matters so specifically. But if I end up talking with someone, the topic just comes up, because I care about my brother a lot." 

Many netizens currently tuning in to JTBC's '18 Again' showed their support for Lee Do Hyun, cheering on his goals for the future. Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun also garnered attention last year for his appearance on tvN's 'Hotel Del Luna'. 

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daeoable861 pts Thursday, October 8, 2020 0
Thursday, October 8, 2020

Love this! Korea definitely need to talk more openly about those with disabilities, so I’m so happy that celebrities like him and Oh Yoon-ah have no reservations about it🙌🏼

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eradtkn1,138 pts Thursday, October 8, 2020 0
Thursday, October 8, 2020

I think that discrimination against disabled people exists because people are afraid to 'normalise' it. In the sense that, rude people say "why would you bring him into public places when he's like this". So, very little people have enough courage to do that. Very little celebrities have the courage to talk about things like this, as well. So, I think it is very beneficial that he decided to bring up this topic and reveal it to the public.

You can't get rid of hundreds of years of prejudice immediately, but if you step outside your comfort zone, other people will step out of theirs and begin to look at things differently, too. One of the main reasons why people with disabilities are considered 'taboo', is because no-one really tried to reveal them to the public (if that makes sense). Therefore, I believe that if people, especially celebrities, begin to talk about people with disabilities more, and kind of stop being afraid of society's prejudice.. it will help.

I wish him and his family the best, may they live a peaceful life.

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