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Netizens speculate there might be more behind Oh In Hye's death as they uncover her alleged final Instagram post that was deleted


Recently, there has been much commotion on various online communities with speculation over the death of the late Oh In Hye.

It has been less than three days since the world lost another promising celebrity. After it was announced that she had passed, many were swept up with shock and sorrow.

There have been many speculations on whether Oh In Hye's death was a possible suicide or not. Many were shocked to hear the news of her death because Oh In Hye had been very active on YouTube and showed strong determination for acting. She had also continued to stay bright despite rumors and controversies. 

Previously, many netizens have speculated a possible dying message hidden in Oh In Hye's last YouTube video. However, some netizens have other thoughts as it was recently revealed that the actress had an excessive amount of bruising all over her body.

Now, there has been a mysterious Instagram post that has been revealed. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on online communities about a screen capture of Oh In Hye's alleged final Instagram post that was uploaded and later deleted on the night of her death.

The post was a photo of a flower with someone tagged on the photo. In contrast to the calm flower photo, the caption seemed to be directing anger at someone.

The post stated, "I guess everyone is seeing this. Even the person who said I'm just a body (implying a piece of meat)...and saying it's not the wording? That he can use even till the end...Why do you ask for understanding just because you say I love you? This is a crime. 

I think I have to expose you. Because of that one phrase, I didn't want to believe anything else that came out of that mouth...I have to rebuke. I think this is the only way for arrogant people. I'm sad too."

Many fans who saw the post wondered why the actress had written such a thing and did not understand what she meant. The writing just seemed like the actress was resenting someone. However, this post was deleted one hour after it was posted. It seemed that someone who saw the post felt something was not right and took a capture of it before it was deleted.

The person who shared this on an online community stated, "This proves that Nuna (she) wouldn't take her own life because she didn't get back some money she lent to someone."

Since this photo was revealed, many netizens became curious about who 'Wanghuh', the person who was tagged in the photo, is. One netizen googled the username and came across the Instagram account for Lawyer Huh Wang. They posted on another online community that this lawyer had appeared on a television show and kept an active presence on social media.

After the death of Oh In Hye and the capture of the Instagram post was revealed, the lawyer deleted his Instagram account.

However, netizens have found the lawyer's YouTube channel and left comments asking what his relationship with Oh In Hye was. Some speculate that he was the lawyer that Oh In Hye had visited for a consultation in one of her YouTube videos. 

The netizens speculate that lawyer Huh Wang and the late actress became close after her consultation.

Just a week ago, lawyer Huh Wang had streamed live on his YouTube channel. However, he has now deleted his YouTube channel as well.

Therefore, more netizens are curious about the truth behind Oh In Hye's death. The newly revealed posts are stirring up the online community before the actress's family even had time to mourn. Some of these people are speculating that the lawyer could be involved in the actress's death. 

Hopefully, the mystery is resolved and the truth about actress Oh In Hye's death is revealed soon.

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 10,094 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 9
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I think waiting for the autopsy report is the best thing instead of jumping to conclusions, it could be coincidence, or he possibly removed his stuff from people who take things too far and start harassing someone instantly. There's many what if's or could have's and instead of jumping the gun it's probably better to wait, the bruises on her body could be a number of things...from trying to save her life, did she fall?, was she hit? it's best to just wait instead of speculate.


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esmera1da11,647 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 3
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

He may not physically took her life like using a weapon but being mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusd can make you take your life.


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