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Netizens speculate Oh In Hye sent a hidden dying message in her last YouTube video


After the tragic news of Oh In Hye's death spread, many fans and netizens have revisited her last YouTube video. After seeing the video, many are speculating that she sent a hidden dying message in the video.

The reason many netizens think this could be the case is because of Oh In Hye's video has a strange buffering part at the beginning.

On September 12, the final video posted on her YouTube channel was the 46th episode of 'In Hye's daily life'. However, instead of numbering her episode as 46, Oh In Hye uploaded the video as episode 48.

Many wondered why she has done this. However, at exactly 48 seconds into the video, there is a strange buffering that takes place. This buffering doesn't take place for just a few seconds but for a full minute and stops at 1:48. The length of the buffering seems too long to be a mistake or a coincidence.


What was more frightening about the clip is that the actress is seen hitting her neck with a comb, over and over again, during that period of the buffering.

Starting at 0:48 in the video below: 

When Oh In Hye posted the video, some of her fans have notified her that there is a buffering in which Oh In Hye pressed the like button on their comments. She later titled the video "Inae's Night Routine Skin Care (Please skip over the buffering part)" showing that she was aware of the buffer.

Therefore many fans are speculating that this video is the last dying message from the actress. Many netizens are revisiting the video as they comment "This is so scary", "The video buffering starts from 48 seconds and she titled it episode 48. Seems like she did it on purpose", and "This can't be a mistake, the buffering is one minute long...And she does the editing herself so there's no way she did it by mistake."

Not only that, but actress Oh In Hye also recently revealed a duet song with singer Nautilus with the title "Better Yet".

The actress posted this song on her YouTube channel back at the end of August. Oh In Hye sincerely sang the sorrowful melody herself in the video.

Many netizens have felt sad as they take another look at the sad lyrics as they mourn for the star's death. Oh In Hye sang, "Better yet, better yet, just forget everything, as if nothing happened, as if I didn't exist. Better yet, better yet just forget and meet someone who will cherish you more. The brilliant memories will be more painful the more it shines."

After the news of Oh In Hye's death, many are revisiting all the videos that the actress previously uploaded.

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myung-mitha932 pts Tuesday, September 15, 2020 0
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

These information and analysis are really scary. I dunno whether these are hints purposely given by her or these are co-incidences?? when I saw that GIF, I literally got goose bumps or she was just combing her hair??. The lyrics are very emotional. She must have really gone through a hard time. I feel so sad for her and her loved ones. They must miss her so much.😟



xx-jenn-xx5,771 pts Tuesday, September 15, 2020 6
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I'm not sure about the coincidence and I don't know much about the actress, as an outsider looking in...it just appears like she's brushing her hair over and over again in the same spot not hitting her neck...but i'm not really sure there. That's just how it appears to me. I know some people try to look for everything to explain something, but maybe this isn't a suicide attempt at all. We should just wait for the autopsy results to find out for sure.


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