Posted by KayRosa Thursday, September 3, 2020

Go Eun Ah talks about a netizen who perpetually sends her sexual harassment comments


Go Eun Ah has read a malicious comment in front of her siblings.

Sister of MBLAQ's Mir, Go Eun Ah is currently active as a YouTuber alongside her two siblings. On September 2, the siblings uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel, entitled "As a human, you shouldn't send these DMs T__T". 

In the video, Go Eun Ah suddenly receives a message on her phone, which she reads and reacts immediately. Saying "Ah, it's here, again...", the actress laments about one particular netizen who would perpetually send her a sexual harassment comment. Mir, who was already familiar with the issue, said, "I don't get why Go Eun Ah is receiving so many weird messages these days."

The comment, which asked her to show her private parts, did not surprise the actress at all, as she said, "Hey you two (addressing Mir and her older sister) -- don't you guys at least receive some normal messages?"

Her older sister responded, "No, I only get messages asking me for money."

Go Eun Ah shared that she receives the exact same sexual harassment message very single day.

"That person does not even skip a day. How I feel now is... If this person is this diligently devoted, maybe I should just show it to him him," said Go Eun Ah, jokingly sighing. 

To the viewers, Mir said that these messages "really hurt her sister" and that he wonders if "those malicious commenters sending sexual harassment messages would say the same things in person."

"Fingers are really dangerous things. If we decide to sue you all, then we won't settle," warned the Bang siblings. 

In other news, Go Eun Ah denied accepting the role for 'Window', a movie based on the 'Telegram Nth Room' controversy.


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alexandra9304670 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Dont people have better things to do? Like seriously when will people grow up? Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you recieved this kind of comments or generally anykind of *bad* commets. I dont think you would feel that good so just stop with this.....



pink_oracle10,501 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

"If this person is this diligently devoted, maybe I should just show it to him him," said Go Eun Ah, jokingly sighing."

Holy shit this is the sort of thing you NEVER joke about regarding stalkers. They are mental and they will not get that you are joking. They see the world how they want to see it and when they hear you say that in their twisted minds you have practically made them a promise to do it!



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