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tvN's 'Yoo Quiz On The Block' producers apologize about the YouTuber Car Girl's controversy of "Cosplaying" as wealthy individuals


Recently, there has been a controversy involving the famous Korean YouTuber named Car Girl, as many netizens suspected the YouTuber of lying. The controversy surfaced as the YouTuber and her husband appeared on an episode of tvN's 'Yoo Quiz On The Block' (hereafter 'Yoo Quiz').

Since the controversy heightened, the YouTuber couple stepped forward to explain all the allegations themselves. Many netizens and viewers were angered as the couple admitted in exaggerating information and not clarifying to viewers who had a misconception of the two. 

Some netizens criticized the producers of 'Yoo Quiz' as they aired an episode of the YouTuber Car Girl without doing a proper background check on the couple.

Thus, on August 14th, tvN's 'Yoo Quiz' producers uploaded a statement pertaining to the controversy.

The production team stated, "We would like to explain the controversy over the YouTuber Car Girl and her husband, who appeared on the recent episode of our show. First, it is our production team's fault for not being aware of the allegations over the Car Girl couple and went through with the broadcast without any proper background research."

They continued, "During the recording of the episode, Car Girl and her husband gifted Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho a copy of Maurizio Colby's (Ferrari design director) art. The production team thought that the scene was unnecessary to include on our show, therefore, we omitted that scene. However, we found out after the broadcast, that Car Girl uploaded the video on her YouTube channel and used that video to start selling the art copies."

The production team then explained that they have requested Car Girl to delete the video that they are using for commercial purposes and returned the copies that Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho received as gifts.

The producers of tvN's 'Yoo Quiz' apologized for the controversy as they stated, "We promise we will be more thorough and careful as we create more content in the future."

Previously, Car Girl and her husband appeared on the episode of 'Yoo Quiz' and stated that Peter Park, Car Girl's husband, had invested his college tuition into Tesla. However, it was later revealed that the name Peter Park was not on the investor's list for the Tesla company. Since then, many netizens criticized the YouTuber and her husband as "cosplaying as wealthy individuals" and the couple has taken down all videos on their channel.

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LoveKpopfromAust2,766 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 1
Friday, August 14, 2020

Yes, by exposing the truth here, I think the netizens have done an excellent job. Something the production team should have definitely done as a matter of course prior to having them on the show. And how shady of them to gift art then use that video as a promotion for the sale of the art ... almost like an endorsement but unpaid and unknown by the hosts.


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xx-jenn-xxAllkill VIP5,888 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 0
Friday, August 14, 2020

They should be exposed, fined, and have everything ripped from them...including their youtube channel....so stupid to lie just to get attention



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