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Famous Korean YouTuber known as one of the first investors of Tesla under controversy for allegedly lying


Recently, a Korean YouTuber known as 'Car Girl' has been involved in a controversy for allegedly lying about her wealth.

The famous YouTuber Car Girl is known to be married to Peter Park who claims to own a 1% stake in Tesla stock. However, there have been netizens who have questioned this claim.

The controversy started when the married couple appeared in an episode of tvN's 'Yoo Quiz on the Block' on August 5th KST. The couple has been featured in the special episode 'World of occupations part 2' where Yoo Jae Suk interview the two.

The Car Girl and Peter Park are famous on YouTube as they post videos showing their extravagant lifestyle as they attend parties hosted by billionaires and ride cars worth millions of dollars. The two explained they gained their wealth from being one of the first investors in Tesla and hold a 1% stake in the company. Their channel also features videos of the McLaren Technology Centre Tour given by the daughter of McLaren.

In the episode of 'Yoo Quiz on the Block', Peter Park explained that the lived next door to Elon Musk during the time Elon Musk was first establishing Tesla. Peter Park stated "I lived next door to Elon Musk during the earlier stages of the company (Tesla) and I was able to invest my college tuition at that time. It's not 1%, I think the internet exaggerated that part. I wish I can hold more."

Peter Park continued to state that, "I was running a car blog back then and I got a chance to go for a test run on the car. I wondered how great of car would a person who only worked with computers in Silicon Valley would make but I was amazed at the speed of the car."

However, recently there was a netizen report that claimed that this story seems suspicious. Another netizen posted on an online community a series of photos that showed the comments that this netizen left revealing the truth behind Car Girl. The comment stated that Car Girl and her husband in fact are not who they claim to be. 

It was revealed that in the past another YouTuber, Go Jae Yeok, had actually investigated Car Girl and revealed that she and her husband are not shareholders in Tesla. YouTuber Go Jae Yeok had investigated into the shareholder's list of Tesla and investigated how Car Girl was able to come in contact with such famous people.

In his video, Go Jae Yeok states that there was no Peter Park in the list of equity holders of Tesla. It was revealed that Peter Park was only one of the thousands of investors who hold less than 0.01% of stocks in Tesla. He also had an interview with BBC Top Gear Korea branch where he revealed that Peter Park was a contractor editor who was hired when Top Gear Korea was first established. It is known that Peter Park claimed to be the editor in chief of Top Gear Korea but was proven false.

It was revealed that Car Girl and her husband Peter Park have been falsely using the title of Top Gear Korea to gain video content for their YouTube channel.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

I dont get it.



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Friday, August 7, 2020

File this under: fake it til you make it.



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