Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, August 5, 2020

[Trigger Warning] Former AOA member Mina confesses to attempting self-harm as she continues to call out Jimin + FNC Entertainment reps


On August 6, former AOA member/actress Mina confessed to attempting self-harm in a concerning Instagram post. 

In Mina's post, the singer/actress exposes newly sewn stitches over a series of distressing cut marks along her wrist. She adds in a lengthy comment, "There was something that happened recently over KakaoTalk messages with a rep from FNC. The news outlet reports said that she 'begged forgiveness', so I sent a message to an FNC rep saying, 'Begged forgiveness? Please don't lie'. They then responded, 'I'll check', and then a long time later they apparently felt that in their eyes, she did beg forgiveness. How can I accept a proper apology from someone who comes over with her eyes so big and clear, asking me where my knife is, saying she doesn't remember, staring at me right in the eyes with that expression? I might as well give up."

Mina continued, "I was so shocked over the FNC rep's KakaoTalk that I tried to cut myself again, and my manager's younger sibling came looking for me early in the morning to take me to the hospital."

Mina then went on to vent her frustrations at a therapist FNC Entertainment hired for her, claiming that the therapist allegedly leaked personal information about their other clients to her. She also expressed her anger at suspicions that former AOA member/leader Jimin might "return to promotions" once "things quieted down"

She finished by directing a warning to her former agency, stating, "The right time for a proper apology has long passed, and I would rather that you please just be more considerate of your trainees, your agency artists, singers, actors and actresses, all of the sunbaenims, so that there won't be another person like me who suffers ever again." 

Back on August 5, Mina was seen sharing a past photo of her days in AOA, writing, "Jinri, I miss you..". Many suspected that the "Jinri" mentioned in the post indicates the late idol/actress Sulli

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Mina accused former AOA member/leader Jimin of severely bullying her during her idol days. Afterward, Jimin announced her departure from AOA as well as from the entertainment industry. 

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OpalSprings67654 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 7
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The effects of bullying can never be underestimated. Pain and trauma don't just disappear, so careless words can trigger and trigger badly.

Suicidal thoughts and self harm aren't actions taken lightly, nor are they something to be negatively questioned rather sensitivity and empathy are needed.

Sending all my love to Mina. We've lost enough greats of kpop, let's cheer her on and support her in her recovery & career. Fighting Mina ♥️💜💜💜💪🏽


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bomhee92705 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 9
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Very delicate situation at the moment. Mina's going too far now but at the same time, we can't criticize her for her actions because she's holding her own life hostage. She needs help, now.


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