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Netizens react to FNC Entertainment's 'apology' statement regarding AOA's former member Mina


Netizens are reacting to FNC Entertainment's official statement.

A few hours ago, FNC Entertainment issued a statement regarding the hospitalization of AOA's former member Mina after her attempt at suicide. The statement included a public apology towards the former member in light of the unfortunate incidents, expressing both shock and "frustration" at the turn of events. 

The company explained the reason behind their hesitation, concerning the ongoing "criticism and misunderstanding" that the members of AOA are currently faced with. In regards to the former leader Shin Jimin, the company had nothing more to address, as she had previously declared retirement from all activities as a celebrity.

Upon receiving this statement, netizens shared their opinions in terms of the company's overall handling of the issue. Many were disappointed by the prolonged silence and the lack of specificity in the statement, labeling the claims as "excuses".

Some comments include:

"Wow how can even these excuses be poorly written"
"How can they possibly slightly insinuate that Mina was at fault, in any way?"

"Can't believe they needed 'time' to consider it"

"The apology overall sounds like 'there are many things we want to say as well but rather not'"

"Why don't they just giver [Mina] money instead?"

"LOL the moment there are talks of her 'psychological issues' concerning health, they respond more kindly"

"The way they brush off Shin Jimin-related topics as if they had nothing to do with it at all"

"Not a single real apology in the letter"

What do you think of the reactions?

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meyari98 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 6
Sunday, August 9, 2020

This may be an unpopular opinion, but FNC may be doing the right thing in this case. Indeed, Mina is in an unstable state. For her sake, this case should be handled privately, without going through social networks.Of course, she will have to be supported: but by her family and by doctors, not strangers like us, sometimes motivated by good intentions, sometimes by a certain morbid interest.

And, perhaps even more unpopular, Mina, by her attitude, probably has the upper hand in this matter in some way. I can understand why the other members of the group don't communicate on social networks. There is a certain psychological blackmail: if one of the girls tries to defend herself, or FNC sues Mina, Mina could end her life. And I don't think any of the members of AOA (and FNC too!) are cruel and insensitive enough to take that risk. This puts them at a real disadvantage and probably prevents us from getting the truth about this case.

Hence the lack of communication, which seems to me, in this case, necessary. FNC and Mina have to settle this affair privately; we have nothing to do with it, even if we want to support Mina, or/and AOA.


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the-black-sheep272 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 0
Sunday, August 9, 2020

Netizens are right this just sounded so fake...



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