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Legendary Fin.K.L members still look like "babies" showing off their youthful beauty


Recently, the members from the legendary girl group Fin.K.L showed off their youthful beauty on social media.

The members showed their affection for each other on Instagram. Ock Joo Hyun posted a video on her Instagram on August 31st KST. The video was posted with the caption, "The day we filmed the first meeting for Camping Club."

In the video, Lee JinSung Yuri, and Ock Joo Hyun are sitting in a row as they pose for the camera. What caught the netizens' eyes was the cute conversation filled with affection the members were having with one another.

While recording the video, Ock Joo Hyun asks Sung Yuri, "How can I look innocent and pure like you?" in which Sung Yuri makes a comical face making everyone laugh and fall for her charms. 

Then, Ock Joo Hyun goes on to play with Sung Yuri's eyebrows and asks "What if you looked like this?" in which Lee Jin responds, "Then she wouldn't have been part of Fin.K.L." making everyone laugh.

Throughout the video, Ock Joo Hyun looks at Sung Yuri with loving eyes and states, "You really look so cute." and did not shy away from expressing endearment.

On the Instagram post, Lee Jin also expressed her fondness for the members as she commented, "The memories linger." along with actress Song Hye Gyo who commented, "We still look like babies."

Meanwhile, all the members of Fin.K.L gathered together as a whole to film the JTBC variety 'Camping Club' last year and the show gained much popularity and support.

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