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Former AOA member Mina shares her future promotion plans + more with 'Woman Sense' magazine


Former AOA member/actress Mina was featuring for the newest edition of 'Woman Sense' magazine, opening up about her therapy, her future promotion plans, and more!

Delighting viewers with her natural, feminine beauty and charm, Mina began her interview by sharing, "I am recovering while receiving therapy. I am trying to meet a lot of people, and when I'm alone I keep busy with all kinds of hobbies." 

Mina was then asked about her days as an idol. She reflected, "It marked a significant event in my life. AOA was the group that gave me the opportunity to debut. I got to dress up pretty and get my makeup done, living the life of the celebrity I've always dreamed of being. Those were an unforgettable 8 years."

Finally, Mina relayed her gratitude toward the fans who always encourage her. "The fans tell me often, 'Mina, do whatever you want to do!'. I'm always happy when I hear that. I went through a lot these past 10 years and my mental health deteriorated because of that. I am trying to recharge it. I will return to Mina the steel-hearted... I am planning on sharing my honest thoughts and opinions with my fans through group chats, YouTube videos, and more. I'm going to continue living, so please don't worry and keep an eye on me," the star commented. 

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nina97x7,577 pts Tuesday, August 25, 2020 0
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Mina staying silent on the rest of AOA and former members being doxxed and harassed makes her such a hypocrite. I supported her in the beginning but looks like she’s just trying to revive her career rather than her life.



piteo196 pts Monday, August 24, 2020 8
Monday, August 24, 2020
We have now had 2 posts about Mina in a 5 hour interval. Bad and good. Who knows what really happens there...
As a human being I wish her health, mental stability and a happy life.
As someone who likes AOA, I wish that she makes a clean cut and leaves AOA alone and doesn't tell stories every time she needs attention.
5 current AOA members are now fired/canceled because of her, get hate and have to deal with difficult times, but we never heard the whole story.
I am waiting for Jimin's comeback and her view of the story.


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