Posted by haydn-an Monday, August 24, 2020

A Korean YouTuber is being criticized as he states that Joy needs to leave Red Velvet because she's a feminist


Korean YouTuber PPKKa is being put on the hot seat as he excessively criticizes Red Velvet member Joy for being a feminist.

On August 20th, PPKKa had posted a video titled, "The reason Joy is selfish" as he spoke about the recent controversy of Joy wearing a feminist t-shirt.

PPKKa criticized the singer saying, "She adorns herself with all sorts of makeup and corset on top of corsets. She only shows sexy and cute images to sell products and has a job in which she is judged according to 'levels' of commercial value. But she wears a shirt that says 'Everyone should be feminists'? She's an amazing contradiction."

He continued to state, "Instead of being a bad influence to Wendy or Seulgi, Joy should become a solo singer like HA:TFELT and promote feminism alone" as he requested Joy to leave the group.

Lastly, the YouTuber stated, "Red Velvet disqualifies from my list of possible wives to get married to."

In response to this video, many netizens have criticized the YouTuber and made comments such as, "What did Joy do? All she did was wear a T-Shirt", "Why would Joy marry a guy like you in the first place?" "This is totally too much", "This is enough to get sued by SM Entertainment", and "He's ignorant, that is why he talks so much."

Previously, Joy was involved in a controversy as she was seen wearing a Dior t-shirt that had the words "We should all be feminists" written on it. Some netizens criticized Joy saying, "She wore the t-shirt even though she knew it would be controversial" while some commented that it was just a t-shirt.

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scarletcraft651 pts Monday, August 24, 2020 3
Monday, August 24, 2020

how to break it to him that no decent woman would marry him


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quark1239518,336 pts Monday, August 24, 2020 2
Monday, August 24, 2020

I like how you can tell he's an idiot because he thinks wearing makeup and a corset disqualifies her a feminist. I feel like he's probably one of those creepy Reveluvs who talks about Irene like she's a 10 year old.


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