Posted by olmal Saturday, July 11, 2020

Who would be the visual/center if these female idols were in the same group?


Netizens are talking about who would be the visual/center if Sulli, YoonA, Irene, and Suzy were in the same group.

A post on a popular online forum gained attention for casting a hypothetical question, "Who would be the visual/center if these female idols were in the same group?" The original poster attached many different gifs of Sulli, YoonA, Irene, and Suzy and over 900 netizens shared their thoughts in the comments. Some of the comments are: 

"Hands down YoonA."

"I can't pick just one.. they are all so gorgeous"

"They should take turns lol All of them are stunningly beautiful"

"Suzy or Sulli"

"I miss you Sulli..."

"If they debuted as a group I would be stanning each and all of them lol Being an individual fan would be impossible." 

"I can't choose just one but one thing I'm sure about is that I would be stanning this group forever."

Check out the gifs below. Who would you pick?

  1. Sulli
  2. YoonA
  3. Suzy
  4. Irene
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khun2pm609 pts Saturday, July 11, 2020 4
Saturday, July 11, 2020

I am American, My personal pick: YOONA as center and also visual

she is an amazing dancer, cool singer-rapper, genius composer, etc. also her visual is a mix of american-asian-european beauties. she is tall with a sexy slim body!


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memoxcool1,436 pts Saturday, July 11, 2020 0
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Center: YOONA ofc, she is Nation Center, she invented the center.

Visual: YOONA ofc, she is Nation Visual, she is the ONE who converted the visual position so relevant nationally and internationally.

Global kpop queen-Goddess YOONA is also a genius multi.talented, smart, strong, famous, tall and sexy with slim body and class. she is an ICON of Beauty with talents and brain.



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