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Netizens react saying "apologize already, Jimin"


Fans are left shocked after former AOA member Mina accused Jimin of alleged bullying.

Many were worried for Mina as she revealed evidence of self-harm in response to Jimin's bullying when Jimin denied those claims.

Earlier, Mina revealed that she had been bullied by AOA leader Jimin for 10 years and left the team for that reason. In response, Jimin refuted the claim by leaving a message "Fiction" on her Instagram story, leading to a confrontation between the two.

Since then many fans have been responding to this incident expressing their concerns for Mina and their anger towards Jimin.

Netizens responded:

"How much bullying did she go through to be in this condition..."

"The people around Mina should support her and comfort her so she can be emotionally stable again...it really hurts my heart..."

"This is so shocking."

"FNC this is too much...how can you force her to promote while her father is in critical condition?? How can you ignore the feud between the members even though it's this bad??"

"When I saw the photo, it looked like she went in deep...there were scars of the stitches too...you can't do that to yourself unless you're serious...Jimin should apologize already so Mina can get better."

"That scar looks very serious...I don't think she's just doing it for attention...this is serious...I hope you get better Mina..."

"Wow...the other members just watched the bullying?...she said she was bullied to the point of wanting to die..."

'Is it still 'fiction' Jimin?"

"I could tell what type of person Jimin is when I saw her post 'fiction' on her Instagram. If someone almost died because of you, you can't neglect them by saying what they say is fiction. A person shouldn't be like that Jimin."

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lilam179 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 14
Friday, July 3, 2020

another sad facet of the dark side of Kpop wonderworld


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dason94 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 16
Friday, July 3, 2020

After T-ara's case, I've learned I should not take sides. I just pray for Mina's safety and mental health to get better.

[EDIT] seriously I'm getting downvotes, because I'm not siding with Mina and call out Jimin, you guys do know that meddling and insulting Jimin is putting yourself in the same position ...


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