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Minzy talks about BTS' Jimin and Kim Chung Ha catching her eye, her role models, and more in 'International BNT' interview


2NE1 made their debut back in 2009 with a strong, girl-crush image and became sensational with a fresh concept. Minzy was the main dancer of 2NE1 and was able to receive much spotlight for her solid vocals and monstrous dance skills even though she debuted at such a young age. 

Minzy continued with her solo after the group disbanded and had made a come back after three years. She came back with her new song "Lovely" which she wrote expressing her frustrations of not being able to share her music during the long hiatus. She wishes many will be able to be comforted through her song. 

Minzy revealed she wants to be a singer who is long remembered. She shows off her charms and bubbly personality through this interview with International bnt.

Q. What have you been up to recently?
I have been actively promoting since I released my new song "Lovely". Also, I have been appearing in radio shows and music shows. I'm happy because there are many people who compliment me saying my singing got better. Also, there is a lot of people saying they want to see me dance. so, I'm diligently preparing for the next promotion.

Q. Your style changed quite vastly from before. What are your thoughts? 
At first, I like this style but felt awkward when I tried on the clothes and tried to make lovely expressions. I'm so used to having a strong and powerful image so it was a bit awkward but I think I'm getting better (laughs). I got to wear one-piece dresses today and try different concepts that are cute and fresh. I enjoy trying different things but I think I'm still used to the powerful image (laughs)

Q. Between 2NE1's music style and the music style now, which do you like more?
When I see myself on TV, I discover a different side to me and feel 'I look so pretty!' 'I had this side to me?'. I found myself saying those things often while promoting "Lovely". So, I'm very content with the style concept now.

Q. You debuted at the age of sixteen back in 2009. it's been already twelve years. What are your thoughts?
There are only juniors when I go to music programs so I still haven't gotten used to it (laughs). Only Yubin from Wonder Girls is another fellow singer from my time. I feel the time has passed so much because there's only juniors or rookies. I also feel fascinated to think I must have aged that much more. I also feel proud of seeing my juniors.

Q. You wrote your new song "Lovely", what message did you want to deliver through this song?
The lyrics to this song "Lovely" is a compilation about the feelings I wrote during difficult times. The circumstances described in the song might not be similar to the circumstances I am in now but I feel the emotions behind are similar. That's why I wrote it hoping it will comfort anyone who is going through difficulties and feel distraught like I have. I made this song thinking I want to give strength and hope to myself, the fans who waited so long for me, and anyone who is going through difficulties. I wanted to share this song earlier but couldn't so I wrote this song based on the emotions of those frustrating times.

Q. What genre of music do you want to share from now on?
I want to try all the genres. But I think the fans think of dance when they think of me. So, in order to satisfy them, I am trying my best to make a comeback with a lot of performances (laughs).

Q. You have a lot of international fans who also traveled to many places to perform. what are your feelings when thinking about your international fans?
I really miss them and want to see them. It's not easy to go on tours these days because of the coronavirus. they really give me strength because they show much support and love whenever I go. I went to Brazil to perform and they were so excited and energetic. I was really able to feel the energy of the fans on stage. It was a really precious memory.

Q. It's already twelve years since your debut and there were a lot of juniors who debuted between that time. Anyone who caught your eyes?
Jimin from BTS really dances well. So I thought he was really awesome and great. Also, Kim Chung Ah dances well and energetically so she caught my eyes. I really feel her facial expressions on stage is good and her music is good too.

Q. Is there any celebrity you're close with?
I'm close with Eric Nam and Ailee. I'm also close to Luna from f(x)CNN reporter Anderson Cooper came to Korea to give a lecture, and there was a party after the lecture. I met Eric Nam then. He was close with someone I knew so we were able to get closer. Eric Nam is very attentive to those around him. There's a reason why he's known for his good personality. I knew Ailee and Luna since the time when I promoted with 2NE1. We're always cheering for one another.

Q. Is there any celebrity you like?

I like Gong Yoo. We have the same last name, Gong, so we're far cousins (laughs). I met him once at a gym while working out. He's very diligent and meticulous when maintaining his physique. I feel he was amazing he is able to maintain to that extent. One time, he asked me which Gong family I was from since we have the same last name. He's really awesome

Q. Do you have a role model?
As a singer, my role model is Michael Jackson. I really want to be a singer like him. As a person, my role model is Bruce Lee. I really like action movies and recently I watched 'Ip Man 4: The Final'. Bruce Lee starred in it so I got curious about his life story. I have a hobby of looking into the lives of legendary people. And one of his memorable quotes is "The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering". this left a deep impression. I want to live a life like that (laughs).

Q. How do you want to be remembered by the public?
I want to be a person who is worth being remembered even though time passes. Also, I want to be remembered as a person who gives hope to many people through music.

Q.  Last words to your fans
First, thank you for waiting for a long time. I want to communicate more with my fans as I promote in the future. I try to promote in the concept or the image that my fans want to see. so I want to create fun memories together.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I am curious about how Minzy's personal sound will develop. She is overdue in getting her time to shine as a soloist. I hope her music will match how dope she is as a singer.



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Thursday, July 2, 2020

She is so talented and deserved to be treated better. She's so strong for putting up with the comments from YG.



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