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Fans are touched when they see B.I. running in the pouring rain after giving his umbrella to a fan


Recently, fans were touched by B.I's warm gesture towards one of his fans.

On July 13th, a post was made on Twitter through a B.I fan account. The tweet included the capture of the story explaining how B.I gave up his umbrella for a fan he met on the street along with photos of B.I. running in the rain with his hands above his head. The fan who wrote the post and other B.I fans were touched by his kind actions.

The fan who wrote the long excerpt in the photo explains that she was traveling with her friend to Gimpo when this incident occurred. She was looking at the buildings and people when she saw a man wearing a bright yellow shirt. She saw his bracelet on his arm and took a more careful look at the man when she realized it might be B.I.

She said she ran towards the man in yellow as she built up her determination and yelled "Hanbin?!" He was surprised but turned around and undeniably it was B.I.

The fan revealed herself to be his fan and cried. B.I went to comfort her telling her not to cry as he gave her his umbrella. He said to the fan as he smiled "It'll be really bad if you're stuck in this pouring rain. Take this umbrella please."

The fan didn't want to take his umbrella but B.I insisted that she take his umbrella.

Lastly, B.I said "Don't cry and I'm sorry. Travel safely!!!" and he continued on his way running with his hands over his head.

The other fans who came across this tweet expressed how much they were touched by B.I's actions and also their gratitude towards the person who met him for posting her story.

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bitchyfangirl390 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 4
Monday, July 13, 2020

The quote "Don't cry, I'm sorry." Just hits you hard T.T


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Leyzell97 pts Monday, July 13, 2020 1
Monday, July 13, 2020

I just wish for Hanbins happiness. I miss him a lot...


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