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Former SM Rookies trainee & Idol School Contestant Seo Herin speaks out & shows her support for Black Lives Matter


The lovely and amazing former SM trainee and Idol School contestant Herin used her platform to speak up for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Her comments are as follows: 

We greatly appreciate her support, alongside many others within the industry (both previously & currently active).

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Wow, she's so nice. No choice but to Stan. She really touched me



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Monday, June 1, 2020

I was watching the news on WHY George Llyod was arrested in the first place.

Apparently he walked into a Store to buy some cigarettes and Paid with cash.

The store owner looked at the Bills and suspected the bill to be fake bills, and called out to him to give back the cigarettes, Which George of cos refused since he paid for it already, its his now.

and hence the store owner called the police and the police immediately seek to arrest him.

The situation could have been avoided, if the police or the store owner just validate the "fake bill" in the first place, the bill for all you know may not even be fake in the first place.

Even if it IS INDEED a fake bill, they could have just apprehended George and investigate where he got the bill, because Mr Floyd may not have known he is using one, and might have gotten the bill from another store or person before that.

The "JUMP TO CONCLUSION, that he is a Criminal" is the reason why i think there is so much Anger about Police Treating Black Americans like Criminals, the Racial Profiling.


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