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'Amazing Saturday' apologizes for controversial Japanese armor costume worn by child actor Kim Kang Hoon


The staff of tvN's 'Amazing Saturday - Doremi Market' has issued an official apology in response to a costume controversy, from its latest broadcast aired back on June 20.

On the June 20 broadcast, child actor Kim Kang Hoon made an appearance as a guest on the variety program, dressed as a "legendary warrior". However, it wasn't long before viewers noticed that the armor worn by the child actor seemed to represent the armor worn by the Ishida Mitsunari samurais. This stirred up controversy, due to the fact that the Ishida Mitsunari family of samurais directly served the Japanese ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi, responsible for beginning Japan's invasion of Korea. 


Regarding the issue, the staff of 'Amazing Saturday - Doremi Market' stated, "We sincerely apologize for not noticing such a historical component. We would also like to humbly thank those of you for kindly pointing this out. The costume in question was borrowed by the same costume company that the program often works with, and no one involved including the representatives of the costume company, our staff, and of course Kim Kang Hoon knew about the text written on the armor."

Finally, the 'Amazing Saturday - Doremi Market' staff assured that the episode will be re-released for future VOD service platforms and reruns with an edited version, blurring out the text on the armor. The program once again apologized to viewers as well as child actor Kim Kang Hoon for the controversy. 

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