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'Superman is Back' receives a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission for Gary's hidden camera fainting prank on his son

'Superman is Back' has received a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission for a hidden camera fainting prank played on Gary's son Haoh

The controversial prank has sparked a lot of opinions and shows Gary pretending to have fainted while boxing. Haoh was seen expressing alarm and crying heavily due to the prank, leading to the show receiving a warning for using a child's fear and being terrified as broadcast content. 

Netizens seem to have dividing opinions regarding the prank. Some are criticizing Gary and the show for using Haoh's fear to gain ratings, saying: 

"Please stop doing s*** like this to kids."

"Wow. What are you doing to your son?"

"The kid is really struggling as his dad does all sorts of ridiculous things on the broadcast."

"You shouldn't play those types of pranks just because you think their reaction is cute. This is too much."

"Now that he's out of money, he's making his son do all sorts of things on TV."

However, some netizens are defending Gary, saying:

"Haoh would be more upset about people cursing his dad than the prank."

"Look at Haoh right now. How can Gary be a bad father if his kid is so sweet and smart?"

"I thought it was serious. Please pay attention to your own kids instead of criticizing others on TV."

"It's his first time raising a kid. Take it easy."

"There is nothing in here that is worthy of criticism."

With the rise of children centered content in Korea, the Korea Communications Standards Commission stated that "as it is highly likely that protecting the children's emotions will be neglected in broadcasts, public media outlets must consider these types of broadcast towards the public". 

What do you think of this situation? Are netizens overreacting? 

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jin_sungmin3,531 pts Wednesday, May 20, 2020 1
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"It's his first time raising a kid. Take it easy."

Is the only comment I wholeheartedly agree with. I'm pretty torn since things like this can go too far and enter the realm of trauma for children, but I also get that it really wasn't malicious. Regardless, no one is a perfect parent. Everyone is messed up (even just a little bit) by the choices and actions of our parents as they raised us. Parents are still just people and this prank wasn't done out of cruelty. There's no need to curse at Gary and send him hate.

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claral6,210 pts Wednesday, May 20, 2020 2
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Even though i don't agree with this sort of pranks on children, specially that young, im surprised that the Korean Communications Standards Commission only took mesures now. I can count by the fingers, some of the dumb pranks Lee Dong Gook played on poor Si An just to "man" him up.

Children don't have the capacity of understanding quite fully the reason why their most loved ones have certain atitudes and call it pranks.

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