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Popular Youtuber known for his pet videos revealed to have been abusing animals behind the scenes, allows cat to maul a hamster to death


A popular veterinary student was found to be abusing and starving his pets, despite his animal-loving image. 

On May 7th, Channel A news reported that the famous Youtuber, Gabsu Park (also known as gabsupasture), had starved his cat to get it to follow his instructions during filmings and cruelly locked his dog in a small, fenced enclosure. A fellow student revealed more information in the news interview, revealing Park's hidden actions. The student revealed that Gabsu Park said he starved the cat because it would act cuter on camera. When filming wasn't taking place, he would throw the cat with both hands far away when the cat approached him. Another student stated that "baby Golden Retrievers are on the larger side, and anyone can see that the dog is locked in an enclosure that is too small. It was really unhealthy." 

Another student stated that they were embarrassed by his behavior due to his lack of respect for the animals' lives and concerned for the well being of the animals. Other claims, stating that Gabsu Park bought a hamster and allowed one of his cats to maul it to death were also revealed in the news report. An audio recording reveals Park saying that the hamster "wasn't an animal" because it only cost 4,000 KRW (3.28 USD) to buy. More claims have arisen from a fellow student saying that he would abuse the animals to further his Youtube image, overfeeding some animals into obesity to make them look cuter. 

Park was known for having a gentle, animal-loving image. He has since uploaded a video trying to prove his innocence but is being met with questions, doubt, and heavy criticism. The police are currently investigating him for animal cruelty. 

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myfirstwasmblaq1,839 pts Thursday, May 7, 2020 1
Thursday, May 7, 2020

Veterinary student? If found guilty, he should get kicked out.


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gookr2,637 pts Thursday, May 7, 2020 3
Thursday, May 7, 2020

i cant even finish reading this. im sick to my stomach


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