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Netizens show concerns toward Gugudan member Soyee's recent Instagram post


Netizens are expressing feelings of sympathy and concerns toward Gugudan member Soyee's recent Instagram story post. 

In the post, Sohee shares a screen shot messages she exchanged with her fellow Gugudan member, Hana. First, Soyee sends an image of a snippet of text she came across, then adds, "Why am I feeling this so hard."

Hana responds, "We've all felt it, that's why. We all feel the same."

The text image which Soyee sent Hana reads,

"You need to get it together. Being rejected from doing the things you want to do by an external force causes a sense of extreme helplessness. Today is a very sad day." 

Many suspected that Soyee's downcast thoughts are referencing the fact that the Gugudan members have not had a full group comeback since November of 2018, nearly a year and a half ago. 

Netizens shared their mixed feelings of sympathy, concerns, and even anger directed toward Gugudan's label Jellyfish Entertainment, with comments like, "I feel so bad for all of the Gugudan members TT", "Even if a few of their old albums flopped, the company needs to have persistence and not just restrict the members from doing anything", "Heol, I thought Gugudan disbanded since Kim Se Jung has been promoting as a solo artist so much", "It makes me so mad to see the Gugudan members always cheering one another up on Instagram. There's nothing wrong with the girls, it's the company that's the problem", "Poor girls TT", "All of the Gugudan members are so talented.. they ended up at the wrong company", "It's PRISTIN all over again TT", and more. 

Do you want to see Gugudan make a full group comeback soon?

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Chrisw5221289 pts Tuesday, May 5, 2020 6
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

It’s sad that now you can really see the trend of companies mistreating their groups. Don’t produce a group just to throw them away. All members are talented and I hope for a full group comeback.


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jeyjin1,932 pts Tuesday, May 5, 2020 4
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Jellyfish could at least try to give them work or something. The mental health of their idols is their responsibility.


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