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Netizens in state of chaos as NCT Dream's Jaemin becomes wrapped up in dating rumors with actress Kim Ji In


On April 29, actress Kim Ji In shared an Instagram story post cheering on the premiere of 'Netflix' original K-drama series 'Extracurricular'.

However, the post was then quickly taken down as it caught the attention of numerous netizens.

The portion of the Instagram story post which became a controversy is the very bottom of the photo, highlighted below. Although the bottom half of the text is covered, many netizens believed that the text read, "Recently viewed contents by Na Jae Min".

Last year, actress Kim Ji In worked with NCT Dream member Jaemin in web drama 'Way to Dislike You', where the two stars acted as a romantic couple. The two received great feedback from viewers for their on-screen chemistry, and some fans questioned whether they were dating in real life. 

Some time after the initial dating rumors died down, some netizens began spreading "proof" that Kim Ji In and Jaemin were dating via online communities and SNS platforms, raising an issue among fans. 

Dating rumors between Jaemin and Kim Ji In sparked once again one other time in the past, when the two stars were spotted wearing similar rings. However, at the time, SM Entertainment denied the dating rumors and stated, "They are only close friends" and "The rings are similar UNICEF rings."

Despite SM Entertainment's denial, some avid NCT Dream fans claimed that the dating rumors were true, but due to their loyalty to NCT Dream and in order to respect the artists' privacies, they kept quiet about Jaemin's relationship. 

But now, with Kim Ji In's alleged Instagram story post spreading quickly via numerous online communities, NCT Dream fans (known as NCTzens) are in a state of chaos, worried that the dating scandal might affect NCT Dream's comeback with "Ridin'". 

NCTzens revealed their chaotic inner thoughts with others by commenting, "I'm just so sad that it happened right now, right at the same time as the comeback..", "This comeback was going to be so big.. but now...", "I don't really do the whole 'virtual dating' thing with idols but I'm still really shocked", "It's sad because Jaemin didn't do anything wrong, the other person made such an obvious mistake TT. It's not like they were trying to look down on fans so it's not that I don't want them to date, I just don't want to see Jaemin being awkward in front of fans", "I'm just pissed that this is going to pull down Dream's image. All the online communities are overrun with Na Jaemin dating posts, and you know how those antis like to do it, dragging it out", "Sigh.. I'm literally blaming everyone, even whoever decided to put Jaemin in that web drama..", and more. 

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zkzsks887 pts Thursday, April 30, 2020 4
Thursday, April 30, 2020

It's so weird that only when a group or solo comeback is on way these kind of rumors come out!! The specialty of neitizens or media outlets?? He is his early 20s..let the boy have some fun... Huh!!


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popularit5,019 pts Thursday, April 30, 2020 0
Thursday, April 30, 2020

if they are dating great for them nana get yo girl lmao



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