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Mamamoo becomes brand ambassadors for gopchang restaurant popularised by Hwasa on 'I Live Alone'


In a crazy twist of fate, Mamamoo has officially been named the brand ambassadors for Gunja Daehan gopchang restaurant.

To many this name holds no significance, however, the image of Hwasa enjoying a meal of gopchang on 'I Live Alone' will forever be etched in our minds, as it was at that moment the fate of the small gopchang restaurant changed forever.

Merely looking back about 2 years ago, Gunja Daehan gopchang restaurant was still a small business, on the verge of closing, with little to no patrons/customers. In fact, viewers can notice the notable lack of customers during Hwasa’s first episode. Speaking today, however, the fate of that small business has dramatically changed for the better.

Following Hwasa’s episode, the country recorded its first-ever gopchang outage and hilariously, employees at the gopchang businesses complained about the sudden surge of customers making shifts unbearably busy.

Gopchang businesses across the country had begun to thrive and what was once a dying industry had blossomed, thanks to Hwasa and 'I Live Alone'.

Particularly, affected was Daehan gopchang. The business had seen such a large amount of growth shortly after the episode aired, it was able to upgrade from a ground floor “shabby” looking business to a two-story “empire”.

After months of steady growth, the business had begun to expand its "empire", opening more businesses across Seoul and South Korea. It was reported that in one branch (Uijeongbu station), the restaurant pockets a daily amount of 7.2million won (7,200 USD).

Daehan owners and the business association have continuously shown their gratitude to Hwasa throughout the years, awarding her an appreciation plaque for boosting the sales of gopchang nationwide, attributing her name and picture to every Daehan restaurant branch opened, a lifetime supply of gopchang free of charge, etc.

However, in a grandeur manner this time, Daehan has chosen Mamamoo as its official brand ambassadors, putting up a banner of “THANK YOU” for the way in which Hwasa has positively impacted their business.

It is revealed that Mamamoo will participate in a CM song introducing how delicious Daehan gopchang’s menu is, as well as a mukbang show from the members. All this to be publicized on the restaurant’s homepage, social media, and chain of restaurants.

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Monday, March 2, 2020

I heart mamamoo.. ,☺️☺️☺️☺️



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Monday, March 2, 2020

This was the first MAMAMOO video I had seen when the episode was first released and I fell in love with Hwasa instantly 😍 and I couldn’t stop laughing at her and those god damn nails, she’s got serious skills 😂


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