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K-netizens show aggressive reactions to Starship Entertainment's official statement about Wonho


Shortly after Starship Entertainment's official statement regarding former MONSTA X member Wonho and his illegal drug use investigation results, K-netizens showed discontent reactions.

According to Starship Entertainment's recent statement on March 14, police have concluded that Wonho was found not guilty of his former illegal drug use charges. Starship Entertainment then announced that the label would be supporting Wonho in his future activities, but gave no specific details.

Some netizens comments, "Huh? What is this statement? What are they trying to say? So vague without answering anything, typical Starship", "Starship WTF are you doing, you should be protecting the genuine members who are left in the group TT", "But didn't they already nullify his contract?? You're gonna sign a juvie again??? Wow they eat their own words quick", "Starship acting two-faced, what's new", "This better mean that you're gonna support this non-celebrity from now on in whatever he decides to do after he leaves the entertainment industry. They better have left out MONSTA X on purpose to draw the line", etc. 

Some netizens strongly opposed any possibility of Wonho "re-joining" MONSTA X, leaving comments such as, "No one cares, he already smashed the entire fandom to pieces once... Just get out", "No charges doesn't necessarily mean no crimes committed", "Is Starship out to take the title of the new 'criminal agency' after YG", "Stop trying to buy the foreign fans' sympathy, you bribing company", and more. 

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Koralee87259 pts Saturday, March 14, 2020 0
Saturday, March 14, 2020

the people who actually buy the albums and support the group love Wonho and want him back. They should be the only ones relevant and not these jobless online trolls.

Hope Wonho does return!



summerbreezy2,652 pts Saturday, March 14, 2020 0
Saturday, March 14, 2020

These miserable no life people need to be cancelled they are not fans. Delusional Psychopaths!



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