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Goo Hara's brother reveals more about their absent mother, says he cannot forgive her


Hara's brother had some choice words to say about Hara's mother. After talking about the birth of his recent child, he mentioned his mother. Hara's mother, who was absent throughout all of Hara's and her brother's life, is demanding 50% of Hara's inheritance.

Although their parents came to the funeral, he said his mother was disruptive at the funeral and was recording the proceedings. She continued by seeing lawyers and figuring out ways she could receive Hara's inheritance. Hara was known to own a lot of real estate and owned multiple properties.

Hara's mother had abandoned her two children, she left when Hara was 9 years old. To make ends meet, their father worked odd jobs all over Korea. The children lived with their grandmother and aunts while receiving money from the government, and lacked the warmth of being loved by parents. He included a letter that Hara wrote expressing her grieving loneliness in 2016 especially regarding her mother. 

"The way I talk. The way I think. These become realities. I need to protect myself first and know myself the best. I know I'm sensitive and know myself the best. I know I take energy from myself and try to be happy and positive. I miss my mom. I really miss my mom. I swallow those feelings into my heart and can't spit them out but hold them. I hurt more than... no. It's ok to hurt. It's valid for me to hurt."

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He stated: "I remember when my mom left the house. I don't know why. My father told us she probably wanted something and then made a drastic decision. We still remember him getting taken away by the ambulance. Hara and I were thrown away by our mother. That's why Hara always wanted to be loved. It makes me so angry that she's pretending to be her mother after she's gone. I hate that she says she's her mother." 

Hara's text message exchange with her brother was also brought to light again, stating:

Older Brother: "I beg of you. Don't think bad thoughts and don't hurt. Stay healthy and as time passes get married, have kids, and live your days well. When you're sad, just cry it out and let it out. I love you, my sister."

Hara: "I love you oppa! Don't worry!"

Older Brother: "I know you must be sad. My heart is sad too. Eat lots of yummy food in Japan."

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i feel so bad for him. he lost his sister and now some desperate and vile being is trying to capitalize on that. like i really hope he gets through this safely and fairly


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Monday, March 9, 2020
Her mother deserves nothing, except a lifetime of guilt. But it seems she feels none of that either. God will be Hara's vindicator.



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